Hot Tutor Guy

So there’s this guy, and I like to call him Hot Tutor Guy.  Why you ask?  Well, firstly, he’s hot.  Secondly, he’s a tutor.  And thirdly, what, you guessed it?!  That’s right, he’s a girl!  No, he’s a guy.  Thus, we have, Hot Tutor Guy.
Reasons why we belong together:
  1. He’s one gorgeous guy
  2. James Dean (need I explain anymore?  Well I’m not going to anyway).
  3. He, too, hasn’t played laser tag before (we would obviously go when we’re married).
  4. He spoke to me about my mac (and then we fell in love).
  5. He’s cute looking.

And the list goes on (into the future where we have little Eurasian babies).
Please do not think I am this obsessive girl who is crazy and is ultimately mental (though you must already think I am), but I mean seriously.  Think about it.  We shared, this, utmost, in depth, two minute conversation about, my computer.  Could there be anything more intimate than that?  I mean really, is there guys?  (Excluding sex and other intimate activities such as bowling and cycling).  We’re meant to be (quote Everybody Loves Raymond).
Down (yes) and out,
Just Another Woo Girl

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