Times when you long to be an ostrich (or be ostracised)

Hello world of blogging.  I made this account in which to vent the woes of my mundane life, thinking about it was just too much of a burden.  Just Another Woo Girl is inspired by the woo girls of How I Met Your Mother, I know not yet that I am a woo girl, I possibly could be, just wait and see…
Begin post.
I think belonging is a state of mind, more than it is a state of being (don’t quote me on this, I have no idea what the common belief is, though I should seeing as I’m studying the damn topic…).  At school we’re studying The Crucible.  You haven’t heard of it?  Well lucky you.  It’s really true you can’t type as fast as you think. 
Well what I was just thinking was that, don’t we get taught in school to be ourselves?  That it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks of you, only what you think of yourself?  I mean it’s true, basing your own self value on other peoples perceptions is pretty awful, but isn’t it inevitable?  I believe it is inevitable.  So why do we get told these things?  Maybe it’s so that we turn out ‘normal’, so we try to be ourselves but then change a little so that we fit in with the other kids.  We can’t go through school just being a loner (though some do, it’s quite sad), life is about people, without other people, what is life? 
Back to the point of venting issues on this lame ass topic of belonging, belonging is a state of mind because if you know that you yourself (in your mind) are comfortable with who you are, it’s most likely that you’ll attract a whole bunch of other weirdos just like you.  And together, you’ll all love yourselves and each other and feel like, woah, we’re awesome.  So basically, Proctor is a pretty tragic case wherein he had to die either way, don’t remember quite why, because I really cannot be bothered, but once you find belonging within and in yourself, feel free to belong to the world, to nature, with other people, with your pets, with your house, with all your material belongings because you sure are a material girl.  You go Glen Coco.
Just Another Woo Girl

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