Parents and their stubbornness

Parents and their stubbornness.  Are your parents stubborn?  Do they make ultimately invalid arguments in which they repeat the same thing over and over again?  No you say?  Well lucky you.  You must be the only one.  Oh, what’s that you say?  That’s just what parents do?  Well, be that as it may, it’s stupid and it sucks.  Balls.
So there’s I, just a daughter in a four person family.  Sometimes I consider myself to be majority of the time, an only child (sorry sister).  My sister, is basically ten years older than I (yes I) and has been living away from home since she was a young person.  What I mean to say is, I am a typical adolescent girl.  Hormones are probably raging (how would I know really, I haven’t known anything different, have I?  So this is just assumed).  Stresses piling up from the HSC (it’s the Higher School Certificate, I think it’s like the A levels in the UK and whatever, SATs in the US).  I got mixed messages about the HSC, some people said it was fine, others said it was the most stressful time of their teenage lives.  Well I have to say, coming up to the trials, and the end, all the work that I hadn’t done had (inevitably) caught up with me.  So what I mean to say is, stress, food, and lack of exercise, oh and of course, my raging hormones, I have acquired a party of acne on my forehead.
I will admit, it is not as bad as, obviously, the worse cases of acne, but it’s still there! 
And it’s silly, I ask my parents, “Can I see a dermatologist?  I want to see a dermatologist.” 
And they reply, “No, your pimples aren’t bad enough.” 
I reply, “Well I don’t want to wait until they are bad enough.”
And they reply, “It takes a three month waiting period.”
“I hear its two.”
“Well it still takes a long time.”
“Then book it now and I’ll see one in three months.”
And after that mundane recreation of events, you can repeat the last two lines alternatively over and over again.  Stubbornness, exemplified. 
What is this logic?!  Is it because they are parents they are allowed to do whatever they want?!  I mean, at least give me a valid reason.  I can’t even think of one, probably because my mind doesn’t want to work against me! 
They gave me no choice, I had to drop the bomb (please do not I am not that much of a tyrannical child, the next part occurs months after, the previous parts happen repeatedly on a three week basis).
Yeah that’s right, do you not care about your youngest daughter who in less than a year will be eighteen, and will become this awesome adult who is completely independent and did I mention awesome? 
And here is the abrupt ending to this post which has droned on far too long.
Just Another Woo Girl

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