Meeting The Wanted: Euphoria and melancholy

So between my last exam and the next I have a break of six days, in which to study, prepare, and make notes for the last few of my exams.  Today is the first day of this long awaited honeymoon break from assessments, and so far, I believe, I have been most productive.

I.  Just.  Met.  The Wanted.

Well, I suppose I didn’t exactly meet all of them, but I met Jay!  And got close to Siva and Max!  I’ll tell you about our connections, after I rave about the Jay and I’s intimate moment.

So please, brace yourselves for the ultimate fangirl moment.

And he is simply the most adorable guy ever!  His hair is all curly and cute, he was wearing this blue denim shirt over a white singlet, so gorgeous!  I think I have a thing for guys with good mops of hair, Harry Styles…  Hot Trinity Guy… I got to hug him and he said, “I like your jumper!”  You like my jumper you say?  Well I love you!  Sadly, just before the boys came out to meet fans my iPod ran out of battery, this was probably the most devastating moment in my adolescent life.  Just, the very moment they come out, I go to turn on my camera, and the screen, lies blank.  I basically had an anxiety breakdown, luckily Amy had her phone.  And then I got a photo with Jay!  He is so sweet, he was holding all his gifts, a bag of skittles, a kangaroo scrotum, and kangaroo toy, and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight!  It was amazing!  I love how he was rubbing my arm, making me feel wanted!  I’m so glad that there weren’t many people waiting outside!  I had my arm around his waist and made the most of this crazily amazing encounter!  I still feel disbelief, I cannot believe it!

Here’s a picture of Jay and I!

Me and Jay from The Wanted!

Rewind to the beginning of this ultimately productive day, as of almost three hours ago, as I am writing this post.

Thinking we wouldn’t be very long, I turned up at around eight to see The Wanted on Sunrise.  There weren’t many people there, so Amy and I stood at the corner waiting at the window.  There were older women waiting too (funny).  And after about half an hour, they came out!  They sat on six stools in the far corner with their guitarist Brian (whom I also got a photo with) and were playing around.  Most of the people around us were old women, they were just standing and watching, not really fangirling like myself.  Anyway, I was waving frantically every time they looked over and then finally, MAX WAVED BACK!!!  Max waved back to me!!  Oh he is so gorgeous!!

They continued on with the interview and performance (couldn’t really tell through the sound proof windows) and then Tom looked out into the window I was standing at and make a thumbs up (or gnarly) sign and so I waved back at him, AND THEN HE WAVED BACK AT ME TOO!!

And then afterwards (it’s all becoming a blur of amazingness right now) NATHAN WAVED AT US TOO!!!  Such gorgeous boys, actually, gorgeous men!!  Oh how I am fangirling in utter disbelief right now.

After the interview ended Amy and I tried to go to the car park exit, but it turned out that they weren’t leaving yet!  They were going to do the Morning Show as well!  So in between this point, we got photos with Koshi and were on television in the background waving!  We went to the State Library to alter our outfits and put out stuff into a locker.  Pretty devastated that I didn’t wear something nicer today, figuring I’d be studying most of the time (obviously not, as I am sitting here still euphoric in the State Library over The Wanted…).

We went back, went around to the other side and they came to the window and signed to the fans!  I recorded this.  Then Max pointed to the couch so we’d know, and I ran back to the other side and I got a front row view!!  I was right in the middle of the window with the clearest view you could get of the boys and the boys of me!!  It was amazing, I filmed the whole interview even though you couldn’t hear anything (the regret building up in me now), and I was also on television!!  So amazing!!  My vocabulary has gone down to an eleven year old girl’s!!  Oh my god.

They turned around and looked at the fans a few times during the interview (oh Max…).  And once the interview had finished, they came to the window and signed to the fans!!  Oh my gosh!!  Most major moment was when Max literally made eye contact with me and was like eye talking to me (I’m not exaggerating, I have a video, yes!!) and it was amazing!!  He pointed and smiled and looked at me in the eyes!!  We had a very amazing moment!!  It was incredible!!!!!  I have not been so close to celebrity, absolutely amazing!!!

Then afterwards, they came out to MEET the fans!!  And that’s when I got a photo and hugged and loved and spoke to Jay!!!  I love him so much, dear Jay, marry me?

And then, the sad ending to the story, we tried to wait and talk, hug, and get a photo with Siva, but he was talking to other fans.  Something I’ve learnt, I absolutely have to say something and get their attention first!  Because we were waiting for him to turn to us…  So then we went to Max instead, but, oh my gosh, so devastating, I didn’t get to get a photo with Max…  Saddest moment in my life, I can’t even describe it.  My heart was welling up, and my stomach dropped, I felt so sick…  Amy got a photo with Max though, oh my gosh, he looks like a little possum (a cute possum) with beautiful green eyes, he is so beautiful, fathomness fathomed.

Yeah so pretty embarrassing, they had to leave and get in their car, and I cried.  Yeah, I cried.  Well, that’s just life isn’t it.

What an emotional roller coaster, whilst writing this post, I have a mix of emotions…  Euphoria, melancholy, anxiety, excitement, depression…  That’s what you get for being a fangirl.

The Wanted!!!

Love from,
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  There was a super annoying ugly ass bitch who kept turning around and mumbling shit to herself whilst I was fangirling.  The question is, why the fuck are you here is you’re not going to get excited?  No you menopausal douche bag.

P.p.s.  Max lifted his shirt up revealing his delectable abs… Oh my god…  I swoon for this man.


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