When you want to sing but you can’t

As you may have realised, I am having a bit of an emotional crisis (okay, crisis is an exaggeration, but an emotional mood swing) at the moment.  And, just on a side note that will make more sense further on in this post, my friends and I got Ed Sheeran tickets!

Anyway, so in this emotional state of mine, listening to Ed Sheeran’s album + and The Wanted, and Justin Bieber’s Believe, I’ve had this intense feeling enveloped inside me.  Sometimes I mistake it for sadness and feeling down (which it partly is), but now I realise that it’s also, the pent up frustration of wanting to SING OUT LOUD MY FEELINGS THROUGH THEIR SONGS!  But having the looming fact hanging above my head, that I know not the lyrics as of yet.

So, as my heart wrenches from the intense melodies and lyrics, I cannot simply join in and sing my heart out but half sing the melody and words and change them mid note/word which is frustrating as I am not singing along properly, and fully emphasising my true inner feelings!  Also, I can’t sing out loud right now because both my parents are sleeping…

But I simply love this music, mixed with my emotional state that I believe plays a semi-important part, now I have no idea where this sentence was going.  Probably something like, I love them, those stated before, and they make me feel amazing and so happy I could cry!  It’s like Taylor Swift songs, she who I love, and songs which I love, which captures every feeling and moment in a teenager’s life, a life such as mine!  I used to think, I guess my thoughts on this hasn’t really changed, but her song Back to December basically encapsulated my feelings of the time I was listening to it, heartbreak, regret, and etc. list a lot of generic hormonal teenager feelings.

Current favourites (though I must say, I love all the songs on these albums).  On a side note, the British seem to do everything better.  Coldplay, The Wanted, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, The Script…  Australia, we kind of suck, no offence, our music is quite…not great.  I mean, I loved Delta’s old stuff, and Reece Mastin’s songs are so catchy I love them, and I love Missy Higgins new song (though not at first).

My iPod is made up of a gazillion playlists, because how can you seriously listen to just ‘songs’ and go through however many songs you have.  I currently have 1481 songs on my iPod, and am listening to my Just Added 21 playlist.

Songs you should listen to:
1.  Gold Forever – The Wanted
2.  Warzone – The Wanted
3.  Battlefield by The Wanted (album)
4.  The Wanted (album)
5.  Catching Feelings – Justin Bieber
6.  Out of Town Girl – Justin Bieber
7.  Say it on the Radio – The Wanted
8.  Heart Vacancy – The Wanted
9.  Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran
10.  Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran

Basically just the whole albums.

Just Another Woo Girl


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