Neville lookalike

Some of my friends say that I think random people look like famous people, who in fact do not look like that famous person.

For example, whilst at Jamie’s Italian on Pitt Street there was a super hot waiter, and I mean seriously hot, though the waiters at Jamie (Oliver’s) Italian are quite exotic and European and basically all of them have foreign accents, how cultured.  Anyway, this waiter looked like Cam Gigandet from Burlesque!  I was going to insert a picture of him here but, I have to say, the waiter was much, much, much, hotter than him.  Though my friends didn’t think so.

And I saw this guy at the State Library who looked like Daniel McPherson, much less exciting, they didn’t agree, and I later agreed with their disagreement.

So moving on to the point, I, as you may have known, have become a fan of the sexiest boy band, they are gorgeous, funny, and all talented and super adorable and cute, The Wanted!  So as one does, I’ve been watching all their YouTube videos (much to my studying’s despair) and saw THIS GUY.

What?!  Who is this man?!  Is it Neville from Harry Potter?!  No!  It’s some indie guy who is Max’s brother!  Yeah.  He is Neville’s doppleganger, and this is a dead ringer.  Care to disagree?  I thought not.

Yeah so I really love The Wanted and look it’s Neville.

LOL (Lot’s of Love),
Just Another Woo Girl


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