Super smelling powers

You know how they say if you lack in one area, you exceed in another?  For example, we have Stevie Wonder, the blind musical master, he’s blind (like I said) yet his musical talents are unmet, it’s amazing. Another, less contemporary, hold on…  So I thought Beethoven cut off his ear, but that was Van Gogh, and then I thought he was deaf, but that was when he was much older…

Anyway, you get the point?  Well, since I am legally blind, no just short sighted with really bad vision, I believe I have gained a super smelling powers!  It’s true, I can smell everything, food, and tasting food, or the botanic gardens flowers from a mile away…

But having super smelling powers isn’t all that it seems.  I mean, smell isn’t all that important, having average smell doesn’t hinder our daily performance, and having enhanced smelling capabilities doesn’t have many benefits.  Though I have to say, having that pungent smell swooping in from an unknown destination is just so intriguing…

Though this is not a wish to have no sense of smell at all!  I enjoy nice scents…
Love from TWFamily,
Just Another Woo Girl
P.s.  Can’t stop listening to The Wanted and Bieber.

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