Queen of the Household

I may or may not be the Queen of the household.  Which, is probably most conceited of me to think this, but let’s just say, I may be, because I probably am.  Now, I’m pretty sure my dad is jealous of me because my mum always cooks what I want to eat, or something, and always calls me down for dinner, specifically.

I’m also pretty sure that they had a fight about it.  I don’t think my mum should have told me, just because, I wouldn’t tell my daughter if I was in her position.  Though I think I’m probably the most tyrannical child, mostly because next year I’ll be basically supporting myself (exclude housing) so I had decided a while ago that I’d make the most of my final year of being on parental support.
But please, all, don’t think that I am extremely out of control, because I really don’t think I am.  My mum had basically told me before, that once I finish high school, I’m on my own.  That is, unless I stay living at home, which, I know she wants.  I’m not even being arrogant when I say this, because she actually says it.  Though even after saying she wants me to stay at home, she says, you have to do everything for yourself and pay for every single thing yourself.
As a teenage girl, that I still am, I had always, always, always, wanted to move out of home straight away when I finished school.  Live on university campus, be independent, wash my own clothes, cook and eat whatever I want.  So really, if my mum wants me to stay at home, there should be an incentive.  And now, their isn’t, because I’ll still have to do everything myself.  I mean, I’ll still see you, I’m not living in another state…  Or am I…
Anyway, so my dad says to my mum, “You treat me like a second class citizen!”
Wow, thanks for telling me mum, now I know dad is annoyed at me constantly.  He went to eat one of my hair and nail supplements, and my mum said she said, “Those are Alina’s!”  And my dad goes, “So?!  I can eat them if I want to!”
The question is, why do you want to eat them?  I swear my dad has become vain for some reason.  And the only obvious reason I can think of is that he’s got a lady on the side.  But that’s only because I’ve been watching far too much Mad Men and realistically, I can’t see that happening.  Another reason why he’s vain, he has gotten braces.  Braces.  I mean seriously?  He’s almost sixty, why does he need straight teeth?  I mean, he’s already married.  It’s not like he needs to court someone so he’d not be alone for the rest of his life.
I feel like both of my parents are completely childish, and I blame my own immatureness on them.  It’s a negative influence that I cannot escape.  I suppose once I move out I’ll be able to grow up, but I am still a teenager, and I do like the idea of being young forever, so immaturity is still a somewhat acceptable stage.  My mum always feels sorry for herself, my dad has become increasingly childish as I have noticed, just his mannerisms and the way he gets annoyed at my mum and has these crazy facial expressions that maybe in a sitcom I’d find amusing, but in real life, it’s really just, unpleasant.
I think my dad wants to be the boss of the household, but I think I’m the boss.  Which is completely wrong, though I don’t do it on purpose.  One of my parents should be the boss, but it just isn’t.  I feel like, something is horribly corrupt within the state of my house.  You probably think so too.  And I agree.  I feel like I’m Claudius, and I’ve disrupted the natural order, and I’m so evil and nefarious.  But I don’t want to be Claudius!  I was thinking I’d want to be Hamlet, but he dies.  And then I was thinking about other characters like Ophelia, and these I realised that they all die, so I’d rather not be anyone from Hamlet…
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