Best dream ever

Last night I had the best dream ever.  I wrote out bits of it when I woke up, and when I had woken, I was in an incredibly emotional state.  You know those dreams, where so much happens, and you feel so connected and it feels so real, you wake up and your chest is beating and your breath is short?  Well that’s what happened to me when I had dreamt I’d met One Direction and The Wanted.

Oh gosh, well I actually didn’t get to meet The Wanted in my dream.  Which may be because I have already met them in real life (oh my god).  And so it begins, well the parts that I remember, I am walking out of this building.  For some reason, the setting is similar to that of my local shopping centre, and where my tutoring building is, but I didn’t realise this in my dream, and a lot of things about it were different.  Anyway, so I’m walking down the stairs to leave the building, and I know, because I saw and heard them, that One Direction are walking down the stairs behind me.  And being the normal person I am, I play it cool, and continue to walk down.

I leave the building and turn my head back slightly, just to peek, and they are walking a different direction, possibly, so I turn and walk that way.  I turn around for some reason to meet them, maybe they’d said something.  But it was the most amazing moment in my dream history ever.  Harry walks up to me to have a hug, but instead of aiming his arms over my own, because that’s the friend hug, he aims them around my waist!  Yeah, best moment of my life.  Harry Styles.  And then I hug the rest of the boys, and they are so sweet.  It’s all a blur really.  I have this thing, and I suppose all fangirls do, is that I really like to take photos when I meet celebrities (not that I often meet them, sadly), just to have a memory and something tangible to look at, rather than a memory that becomes faded and moulded over time.  Though, the thing with taking pictures is that, I think, it’s so hard to do.  I mean, you have to meet them, say hi, and then ask for a picture, and the picture has to be good, and so on.  But I just love pictures because they truly capture memories and feelings, likewise with music.  I love the feeling of listening to a song, and having it take you on a journey back in time, feeling the same feelings that you had felt listening to that very same song four years ago.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, the great feeling that I had in this dream was, I didn’t need to take photos!  There were cameras all around us taking the pictures of this amazing moment for me!  Five boys, five hugs, amazing.  Though, it still was a dream.

Time past, somehow, somewhere, and I ended up in the car park.  I may or may not have ridden the elevator with One Direction, not sure.  And we were no longer in the setting of my current local Westfield, but back to Westfield Marion in Adelaide, where I had lived when I was young.  I’m in the car park, it’s dark, as usual, but the ceilings are high, which is kind of unusual for a car park, and there are sterile fluorescent lights above, but it wasn’t so bright that it was cold and bleak, it was slightly dim but I could still see everything clearly.

And then, I saw Jay in the car!  It was a four wheel drive kind of car, and he was sitting in the back, with maybe other people, like management, but I don’t remember the rest of the band in there.  I saw him, and he saw me, and then I got in the car and we drove down the sunset road.  Kidding.  This is the part where, I tell you what happened, instead.  I saw him, and he saw me, as I said, and being excited, I wanted to meet him!  But I had to walk around the car and other cars, for some off reason, to make it to his car door.  Even though, I was looking at him directly through the front window, so technically I could’ve just walked straight toward him…  Anyway, so I walk around, and he’s gone!  He’s not in the car anymore!  He is crouching just outside the car door, ducking.  Trying to run away.  (Wow, I really don’t like this image of Jay running away from me, but I suppose it’s funny, because I’m crazy – I’m actually not crazy.  I wasn’t even crazy when I met him.)  Yeah, so he was trying to hide so he wouldn’t have to hug me!  So sad, even though he has hugged me in real life (win).

So then he says, something along the lines of, “I didn’t want to hug you because I ate onions so my breath stinks.”

And then I went on to say, “I hate The Wanted!!  And I hate you!!!”

Yes, as you can see, I was extremely passionate in my retelling of the story, though in the dream, I was extremely passionate and extremely emotional.

I turned back and got into the elevator (I walked straight, yes straight to the elevator, meaning I didn’t even need to walk around).  And started ranting to someone in the elevator, and crying, not sure who it was though…  And that’s most evidently why I woke up in such a wretched, breathless state.  Crying in dreams makes you really emotional.  Actually, I ended up waking up, and crying in real life.  Pathetic.

So is it because I’d already met The Wanted in real life, that I didn’t get to meet them in my dream? In order to not be greedy?  Does that mean I won’t meet them ever again?  My dreams of befriending Jay, especially, may have been crushed…  Actually, Jay said in an interview that he would date a girl who used to be a big fan of The Wanted, so I guess that could be me, three years time…

What’s the point in that?
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  I wish I could be one of those people who could control their dreams.  Maybe I’ll try it tonight.  But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to…


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