Dermatology win!

With my lawyering skills, my dad has finally come around and wrote me a referral to see a dermatologist for my skin!

He got upset for a bit beforehand when I said, “I need to see a professional!”

And he’d said, “I am a professional!!”

Well whatever, long story short, I told him about microdermabrasion, and how it’s essential as a dermatologist and as a doctor in general to keep up to date with the evolution of technology and the importance of being equipped and knowledgable in the field and its devices!  Because he was all like, none of the dermatologists I know do this procedure, and I was all like, well they should because it’s important to remain relevant with modern technology!

So yay!  I should book in to see a dermatologist soon, after my exam tomorrow!

Just Another Woo Girl


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