Dislikes about my room and feathered foes

I have a real distaste for the position in my room in this house.  My windows have no view whatsoever, it looks out onto the roof of my neighbours, and I’m pretty sure that at night if I have my blinds open and the lights on, people on the street can see me!  Which is why, I never do.  And I chose this room because it had the most sunlight, which is a down point in summer when it is so hot I can’t even fathom it at this very moment!  Plus, I can hear everything my neighbours say when my windows are open, like now for instance.  They are speaking Greek I think, so, nothing interesting really for me to share.  I just realised, they used to have a dog…  I think it died.  I don’t see him or her anymore, I think it was a guard dog.  Oh wait, I just heard a dog bark, but it’s too far to be my next door neighbours.

I chose my room because it has lilac walls and pretty features around my ceiling light, a circle stain glass window and a better wardrobe.  Actually, one thing I like about it especially is that when you walk up the stairs my room is the right, and the hallway extends to the left.  What I mean is that, the only reason you will walk past my door is to come to my room, so basically, no one should walk by my door unless they come to my room.  Which I like.

Though I think my window sills might be too big…  Some birds are so annoying.  Think of being in a silent room, and there’s a recurrent tapping on the wall, but it doesn’t tap in rhythm to anything, just randomly.  Think of that annoyance, and multiply that by the most annoying thing you’ve ever experienced, and you will find the most annoying thing I’ve ever experienced (well one).

When, in the early hours of the morning, on the weekend, a time in which I have sleep-in privileges, my slumber is deep and my bed is like a cloud in which I sink into dreamily.  When suddenly! This crude, shrill screeching, blasts at you from just outside the window.  It’s like the tiny little birds are having heart attacks to each other and conversing in the furthest thing from melodic Cinderella birds, but simply, retarded cow sounding birds.  I swear, they just sit on my window sill to annoy the fuck out of me.  And I wait.  Hope, that it will stop by itself.  That it will end itself, the dread of Hades in my lilac walled room.  But no, surprise, surprise, it doesn’t!  So I drag myself out of bed, walk half awake to my window, and I physically, must, open my window by turning a knob around and around, to basically, push the birds of the sill.  Sadly, they don’t fall to their deaths.  They just fly away.  But I guess I don’t want to be the murderer of these birds, because I don’t want to have to face their disgusting faces when I die.  I detest birds.  Of that sort.

Well, well.

Au revoir!
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. I think my neighbours are listening to traditional Greek music.  It’s quite amusing.  It sounds a bit like fair music from the 1800s or in the era of Lark Rise to Candleford.


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