Am I tired or is there something medically wrong with me?

I can’t tell whether I’m tired because I need to eat something, or if I didn’t get enough sleep, or if it’s because I’m sad.  Sad for no reason really, is this what postmenstrual syndrome is?  Is that what is destined for me in the next week?  Not sure when I last had my period, but it was pretty recent I think.  Too much information?  Well that’s just too bad.
Reasons why it can’t be sleep.  Far out, I’m listening to my iPod and Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran sounds like Skinny Love by Birdy in the beginning, which is a depressing song.  Is it actually good to listen to depressing and emotion evoking music when you’re half down?  Well I don’t really care because I can’t be bothered to change it.  Actually I will change it.  Justin Bieber’s Fall, yay.
Anyway, I don’t think it can be sleep because I get so much sleep every night it’s a bit over the top and may be the reason why I sometimes wake up doubly tired as when I go to sleep.  Mainly because I sleep even when I’m not tired.  I’ve being playing this game called Flow on my iPod every day just because I’m so awesome at it.  And I’ve gotten perfect scores for all of them, and I’m up to the Jumbo Pack or something with 10 by 10 or something for iPads.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten healthily.  I haven’t blogged about this, but after meeting Jay from The Wanted I decided to become a vegetarian, because he is.  Yes, I know what you’re all thinking, that’s so stupid, that’s so crazy, what a weirdo.  Whatever.  Now, I like eating meat, especially lamb, and the octopus in takoyaki, and generally, I enjoy fast foods sometimes because they’re exactly that, fast.  And on Saturday, I was at the UNSW Open Day and we went to McDonald’s for lunch because it was close or something.  I’d watched an interview where Jay had said that McDonald’s had pretty good options for vegetarians.  I thought, yes, they do have salads and things, but I’d have to go to Maccas in order to truly witness the craft of vegetarian options.  He’d also said that KFC sucked in this respect.  It wasn’t until I actually went to Maccas and was moderately hungry that I realised that it sucked being vegetarian.  Look, I don’t even like vegetables, I eat them if they are yummy in some delicious dish, but I wouldn’t think, oh gosh, I’m starving, I just want to eat some cauliflower, and drool.  Tofu?  No.  Well maybe, I’ve been eating a lot recently…  Being pescetarian is actually a fifth better that being vego.  I’m not eating a salad from Maccas, that is so stupid.  My friend was like, oh, why don’t you have a fish-o-fillet.  And I was like, no, I’m vegetarian.  Plus, I don’t want to become pescetarian or a normal meat eating person again through McDonald’s…  So I had fries and an apple pie.  Pretty lame.
Anyway, now I’m thinking it may be because I have some medical condition.  Living with a nurse and a doctor you’d think that I’d be peaking in health and have zilch medical problems.  Another thing, I don’t like needles.  My dad sometimes brings home flu shots and things and administers them for me, one time I ran away and locked myself in the bathroom and cried or something.  Sadly, I wasn’t a five year old, but I’m pretty sure this occurred in high school.  It’s pretty interesting how I can estimate which time in my life certain events have occurred by having the memory play in my mind in a specific setting, and the setting of this, was the house I’m currently living in which I moved into when I was around twelve, almost thirteen.
My mum made me have a blood test for diabetes, because she thought I had diabetes, and possibly an iron deficiency.  Anyway, I had to go take a blood test, and did you know, that they have to take an entire vile of blood for every test you want to have?  Yes?  Well I didn’t know that.  Two viles of my own blood sat in a beige plastic container in front of me whilst the blood drained from my apparently tiny veins.  Which is why I bruised after that, that was the first, and last time, which I’d taken a blood test.  A bit of pussy, I know, maybe a lot.
So I don’t think I’m getting enough protein, or any at all, and I think that’s bad. 
Food is on my mind…

Just Another Woo Girl


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