Stream of memories about singing

I just had a shower, and I always sing in the shower.  So loudly that my mum says that my neighbours can hear me.  I don’t think about that when I’m belting out my song, but if I think about it afterwards, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, so I was just remembering a time, a thought triggered by a multiplicity of experiences during the last few days.  I had my HSC music performance exam on Monday, and I was rehearsing in the hall with piano and my teacher the Friday before.  And my english teacher walks out of his computer room, and I see him in the hall.  Blah blah blah, basically he’s like, “I didn’t know you sang!”  And I just laughed.  It was pretty nice having Mr Thompsen and McDermot come in and listen as well.

More to the point, today in music class, since we’d finished our performance exams, we only have an aural exam left in the HSC exam period.  And my friend says, “Oh, Mr Michael said you’re amazing.”  And I was like, in my mind, oh yeah, cool, cool, cool…Yes!  And my music teacher goes, “Yeah, he came in while we were rehearsing and said he didn’t know she sang, and asked how long she’s been singing.  And I said, for as long as I’ve known her.”

And then I was thinking, I’ve been singing since ever, since I was three or four.  Which (not meaning to sound self-absorbed), I think is a really long time.  It’s like, I played the piano since I was five, until last year, which is, eleven years.  I don’t really have much to show for it though, since I pussied out before my practical exam even though I did the theory.  Let’s just say, piano is not something I have natural flair in.  Actually, my sister influenced me to learn piano too!  I remember when I was five, my sister was learning and I said, “I want to play too!”  So I did.

I also started learning to play the violin in year three, because I thought it was awesome, also my family friend played it.  But then I changed to the cello because I thought it was cool that you could sit down (lazy from a young age…).  And then I swapped back to violin because the cello was too heavy to carry.  And then we moved away and I didn’t play anymore.

It seems like I’m influenced by others around me.  Example, my first and foremost favourite colour when I was little was yellow.  But then, in year one, my best friend Cassie’s favourite colour was blue, so then I decided I liked blue more as well.  I was a happy child.

Anyway, so back to the shower.  I was singing in the shower, and thinking of how my music teacher had said I’d been singing ever since she’d known me.  And when she’d said that, I thought, I’ve been singing ever since I was four.  And then in the shower I was thinking of the time when I was nine years old…

Since I moved schools so much, every time I made new friends, they’d obviously have to learn new things about me.  And one of them, was that I liked to sing.  This may or may not have been the first time that any of my friends knew I could sing.  So, I was at my friend’s, let’s call her Kitty, and she was telling her mum that I could sing and had a really good voice.  But being the shy kid I was or am, I didn’t want to sing in front of her.  So Kitty whispered something to her mum and her mum left the room.  Then Kitty asked me to sing, and I sang some Britney Spears song, possibly Hit Me Baby One More Time.  And then Kitty’s mum comes out from the other room and is like, yay, or something.  And we’re all laughing.  Funny.

I thought that was a semi-cute story for my own reminiscence.

Also, that year, I sang at school for some singing talent contest loosely based around Australian Idol.  Note, this is primary school.  And I sang, When You Look At Me by Christina Millian.  I auditioned with My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne, and my other friend, let’s call her Cube, did as well.  Although, she didn’t get through… Yeah.

Then Kitty said it’d be cool if she were my back up dancer.  So she became my single back up dancer.  I got time off to practise and things, so my back up dancer rehearsed too.  And we performed.  And no one was named the winner, because we were all winners…

Cube is now sings and does community theatre now according to Facebook.  Not sure whether that means she can actually sing now, or that the community theatre company just sucks…


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