Great Spring Day

Great Summers day today!  Even though it’s Spring…  I only had two periods of class today, went to Coogee Beach at 11:30, stayed until around five.  Tanning was semi-successful on scale of pasty to gradient me.  Trivia night was so much fun!  Our team started on a high with our foreshadowing name, “INIT2WINIT” coined by some may say a genius.  Though we ended up going home with nothing, except our moral integrity.  Which, is debatable to whether we achieved even that.  A glum moment but still much fun!  Crappy questions though.  Not even a question about One Direction.  What is this?  Enjoying beach hair, chilling in my glasses, my new found comfort piece.  Oh, almost forgot, had the best burger I’ve ever eaten at Moo in Coogee today.  I got the Classic Beef Burger with extra pineapple, and also had a Coca-cola spider with vanilla ice-cream!  Simply delish!  Here’s a pic.

If you’re craving an excellent burger, then you should go to Moo.  There are heaps of other burger too like the Greek Lamb Burger, the Chorizo Burger and yummy milkshakes like the Malteaser Shake.  Yet to try them…

Just Another Woo Girl


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