The stubborn spider

A few days ago, I was getting ready for school and I came across a massive brown spider.  Straggly legs with multiple eyes.  I noted it’s existence and carried on getting ready for school.  That day I got home, had a fight with my mum for some reason and told her there was a spider upstairs and asked her to kill it.  She refused, telling me to kill it myself, simply because this was her revenge on me.  Well, because I too am stubborn, I refused to kill it myself.  One, because I don’t like killing creepy crawlies, the reason being is that I might fail to kill it and it escapes, also because my mum once killed a huntsmen spider with insect repellent and it went spastic on the wall, all it’s legs seizure-ing, quite a disgusting moment.  Two, because I’m stubborn.

Come to think of it, it started out it’s journey on the corner just outside my room.  I came home that day to it on the wall in the hallway.  Anyway, the next day, I looked to where it was the day before and it was gone.  I thought, maybe mum ended up killing it, or it moved away.  Turns out it moved downstairs in the corner.  I forgot to ask dad to kill it.  And the next day it had moved above the door in the same room downstairs.

And then it disappeared.  Then I found it again in the next room.  Then it was gone.  This time, I thought it had surely disappeared.  Nope, it just moved onto the ceiling of the same room.  I know if my sister were living here she’d probably capture it and keep it as a pet.  She did things like that, kept blue tongue lizards, kept a stick insect, she even tried to make me play with worms when I was six.  I despise worms.  Their sickly wriggling moments give me the creeps.  I didn’t go outside in the garden for weeks after that ghastly encounter.  I was scared that when I stepped on the ground the worms would surface.  Yuck.

In Adelaide, it’s the worst in winter.  All the millipedes come out after the rain and you cannot walk on the concrete without stepping on a millipede.  It was traumatising.  They’d be scattered everywhere, like leaves in autumn.  I’m so glad Sydney doesn’t have millipedes.

Anyway, so tonight, I finally got round to telling my dad about the spider.  So I think it’ll be the end of an era with this sneaky spider.

I don’t know how it got into the house, I’m starting to think it may have been in my room for a period of time.  Not that I’d know or even see it because my room is such a mess.  Like a bomb had blasted in my wardrobe and all my clothes and bags are scattered on the ground.  Literally.  It’s pretty disgusting.  But I’m feeling a bit sick from last night and sick in general, so I really cannot be bothered.  The last week of school awaits.  I’m going to cry my eyes out, I already know.  It’s such a sad moment.

Meh.  Was gone last night, it was fun, until I felt physically sick and wanted to vom but couldn’t.  I spat a few times, but that was it (yeah gross).  But then I puked in the car.  I said to my dad, I feel like vomiting.  Then I vomited in my mouth.  And held it in my mouth whilst I rolled down the window, and spat it on the ground.  Yes rank.  Then my dad pulled over and I opened the door and puked more. Sickly.

Au revoir bitchez,
Just Another Woo Girl


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