Annoying mum rant

I hate my mum so fucking much right now.  I like my dad, at least he slightly understands.  Far fucking out.  Just leave me the fuck alone.  She’s like get motivated, do something, I am fucking doing something!  She’s like get off the internet, I’m fucking doing my uni applications you dumb shit!  I mean fuck, seriously, just because she doesn’t use the fucking internet doesn’t mean I don’t need it!  I need to use the thesaurus, I need to listen to music to keep sane, I need to use my email, check terms, do the fuck whatever I want to do!  Don’t tell me to fucking get motivated!  You can’t just say something and expect them to do it, you need to instigate it!  Fuck, I mean seriously, she is the shittest at motivating!  I don’t even want or need her to fucking motivate me.  Her motivation tactics aren’t even motivation tactics, they’re just fucking nagging, and lecturing, shouting, and sneaking up the stairs ‘silently’ and then barging into my room!  Just fuck off seriously!  You’re not going to catch me doing something ‘naughty’ on the internet, not doing my work, watching a movie or some shit, because I will always be one fucking step ahead of you!  Far out, let me be, and do as I fucking will!  I know what I have to do, and nothing you do will make me want to do it more than I do my fucking self!  My dad tells me a story that is motivational and makes me understand.  My mum just storms into my room and says, why aren’t you at the trial test?!  Do your maths!  Don’t go to tutor with no questions to ask!  FUCK!  I already fucking know!  Just stop talking to me!  I don’t want to talk to you and all you do is fucking stress me the fuck out!  I tell her this!  She obviously doesn’t fucking care because she continues to talk under her breath, talk outside my closed door, just GTFO!!!  Fuck man…!!!

I’m out,
Just Another Woo Girl


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