A new toilet and lack of internet

So we’re getting a new toilet.  Yay!  The toilet downstairs, I swear to god, hasn’t been flushing properly for the last few months.  But to be honest, I don’t really go to the toilet downstairs much, but when I do, oh how I complain about the lack of flushing abilities it has.

This story isn’t long, it’s pretty short and pointless but here goes.  So my parents are looking online trying to find a new toilet.  I think my dad was trying to fix it today, and I guess, he gave up and is just now looking to replace the entire toilet.

Seriously, there are so many things in the goddamn house that need fixing i.e. the shower upstairs is loose or something because waters sprays out from the pipe…  The door frame of the house should be replaced, it looks so damn flimsy, pretty sure robbers wouldn’t even need to pick the lock or what not, just hack the door frame off.  I dunno, kind of want to change the colour of my walls…  All these things need fixing, but I just feel like, any sort of DIY job, or even maybe a professional coming in to fix things won’t make the problem disappear forever.  It just seems that the problem is bound to return unless you replace the entire thing.  Maybe that’s just what I think…

Anyway, I went downstairs from my ‘studies’ to go and fill up my drink bottle to prevent dehydration, because, did you know, that when you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated?  Well, it’s safe to say, I don’t drink enough water.  Although, I am drinking more than I did half a year ago…

So I go to go back upstairs, and my mum’s like, “Come here and see which toilet you want!”

Okay.  I’d like to be included in the decision as to what toilet would best suit our bathroom, seeing as all the prior household and backyard decisions have been ultimately detrimental.  I mean, my dad basically cut the rose bushes, the trees at the front and back, and one on the side to guard us from the neighbours, until they were barely even stumps!  Stumps, I say!  I swear to god, he thinks he knows everything sometimes, but seriously, you obviously don’t know what looks good!!  There is something called a balance of functionality and aesthetics!  And his brain is obviously in functionality overload.

So I go to look, they all look pretty similar.  And I’m not sure whether to get a white or ivory/cream coloured toilet.  I mean, our house is one of those old ones that have been extended, I suppose.  So the bathroom is pretty old school, heritage looking, with the baths with feet, which sometimes I find scary since there’s a gap between the ground and the bath, in which someone could be hiding…  But I don’t really take baths anyway.  The only time I’ve taken a bath in this house was when I had a massive head ache…

Anyway, I look at the pictures.  Then I go to look at the bathroom.  I can’t envisage it.  Oh well.  I go back, and tell them I need time to think about the toilet, and walk away.

Then mum shouts as I walk up the stairs, “Just tell me if you like the wooden toilet seat!!”

In chinese, of course.

That’s what I thought was funny.  Which really isn’t even that funny.

Anyway, they turn off the fucking internet now as soon as my mum goes upstairs to bed, which is fucking, what, like, sometimes 8:30pm!!  I mean, what the hell?!  Are you fucking serious?!  If I was actually studying, and doing my English essays, I would fucking need to use thesaurus.com!  Far out.  So annoying.  And just to spite them, I will stay up late and watch the Big Bang Theory!  Which really, doesn’t affect them, but only my studies, but fuck that!  I will also wake up late, or pretend to wake up late so that they know it doesn’t fucking help!


I’m a bit addicted BUT I DON’T EVEN CARE!!!

I have not typed in caps so much in my blog until now!

But I am EXTREMELY ANNOYED!!  Are you shouting in your head as you read this?  Because I am shouting it whilst I’m TYPING!!!

So I can’t even fucking post this blog post until tomorrow morning.  At possible 11am because that’s when I fucking go downstairs to eat breakfast!  YOU SUCK PARENTS!!  Especially YOU MUM!!!

My dad said to me yesterday after paying for my online Victoria’s Secret purchases, “My support for your study is not unlimited.”

It half didn’t even make sense, but I got what he was saying.  He kind of supported me when I said I FUCKING NEED INTERNET IN MY STUDIES AND TO NOT FUCKING TURN IT OFF!!  But he said that it’s not infinite, and that, I should, I don’t even know what he meant, as in what he was telling me to do…

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. Here I am, 10:13am, about to post the post.  Yes, they surely did turn off the internet, and i surely stayed up until 12 watching The Big Bang Theory.  Then I went to the toilet after I was tired around that time, and I think my mum thought I was on the internet because she got up, started stomping around loudly and I heard her go downstairs, possibly to cheek if I’d turned the internet on.  Sucker.


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