My revenge of my mum turning off the internet

Fuck you mum!  As soon as I was about to tweet at Sam Pepper about his ridiculous ride and check Instagram and finish downloading the last ONE FUCKING PERCENT of the season premier of Revenge, she turns the internet off!  And I’m going to type really loudly so she can hear that her turning the internet off has not deterred me from using the fucking computer!!  For fuck sakes man!!  And I want to tell people of my rage, but I can’t, can I?!  Fucking hell.
Now time to exact my revenge.  After a long and hard (that’s what she said) ponder, I walk to the bathroom, and blow-dry my hair.  That’s right, blow dry my hair.  Not hard core you say?  Well guess what I do next?  I blow raspberries at the door to her room.  Oh yeah, I blow raspberries.  But finally, and most sneakily, I stomp up and down the corridor.  Oh yeah, I stomp up and down the corridor. 
And she’s like, “Stop stomping around!”
And I’m like, “Got a problem?”
And she’s like, “Yes!”
And I’m like, “Deal with it.”
Yeah, I’m immature.  What of it?  Well, that made me laugh, and now I’m satisfied.  And I will post this post tomorrow morning, before I go to the library.  Maybe, go to the library.  I am so fucked for the HSC I swear to god.  Maybe I should do fashion and textiles.  Watching Glee really influences me, first I’m like, maybe I’ll go study music under Arts, and pursue my singer dream, a bit like Rachel.  Or is fashion my true calling?  Like Kurt.  Oh well, there is still time.
Oh my gosh!  I found out the coolest thing today!  I discovered it myself!
Australians say, for example, “We haven’t been to the park.”
But, get ready for your mind to be blown, the British say, “We’ve not been to the park.”
Both meaning, “We have not been to the park.” 
Oh my god!!!  Because we abbreviate things differently!  So cool!  So if you aspire to be ‘Briticised’, like myself, who aspires to live in London, then start abbreviating to, “I’ve not” or “We’ve not”, instead of “I haven’t” or “We haven’t”.
Cool huh?
Au revoir,
Just Another Woo Girl
P.s.  I think I’m obsessed with British culture.  I seriously wish I was British.
P.p.s.  As you can see, I’ve learnt a lot of revenge techniques from Revenge.


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