Post-MS and emotionless parents = shit

My parents are the shittest people ever.  So I’m obviously post-menstrual syndrome-ing, and am completely stressed about the HSC and my inability to succeed in an extremely important stage in my adolescent life.  And now, to top it all off, I have some sort of eye infection, with a lump on the inside of my eyelid, which, when I sneeze, hurts my entire eye socket.
Anyway, I told my mum in the car today, and to ask my dad to get me some antibiotic eye-drops.  She’s like, make sure it doesn’t damage your retina.  Okay, that’s reasonable, not that I have any control over this rampant infection, but my sister almost did damage her eye badly when she’d had an eye infection.  Then she goes on to say, you need ointment.  First of all, I don’t like touching any part of my eye that I can’t see, specifically, I am not going to fucking touch, the inside of my eyelid, with my finger, not with a cotton bud, not with anything, that is just fucking wrong and I won’t endure such horrific things.  So no, I just want to have the eye-drops thanks.
Far out my mum keeps coming into my room, I obviously am upset and don’t want to talk to you, so why do you keep trying to come in and annoy me?!  God.
Anyway, she sees that this upsets me.  I obviously do not want anything near my eye.  But noticing this, she still, continues on to tell me, “You probably need to get a needle in your eye to get rid of if.” 
What the fuck?!  Why would you even say that or tell me that?!  I obviously don’t want to know and hear about it!  Maybe, when the time comes that I have to get a fucking operation and maybe get my eyelid cut open, I’ll want to know before I have the surgery, but now, when I fucking am not at that stage, why would you want to continue to upset me more and tell me that?!  I tell her to stop talking and telling me these things!
So she does the exact opposite.  By this time, I’m already tearing and crying from frustration that my own mother enjoys making her daughter upset, just to see if she can get a reaction out of me.  A reason why I think my mum sucks fucking shit.
Anyway, so I suppose she called and told my dad to get me some eye drops, and she tells him about my ‘tantrum’ and how I was being so stupid and silly and crying over silly things.  Well one, she completely pissed me off and made me extremely upset when she said that my being obsessed and loving One Direction was stupid, and they were silly.  What the fuck?!  She knows I love them, why would someone say something like that?  It’s just cruel and selfish.  Shut the fuck up.
Anyway, so my dad in the car home (this is what, seven hours later), he tells me he bought eye drops and ointment.  Okay, good.  I tell him, “I’m only using the eye drops.”
He says, “The ointment is much better and is more powerful than the eye drops.”
Okay whatever, I’m still not using them.  I tell him this.
Then he too, is like, “Fine.  If the eye drops and ointment don’t show any signs of improvement, you will have to see a eye specialist.”
“And you’ll have to have an operation and get the lump cut out.”
Fuck you!  Why are you saying this?!  He obviously knows that I was really upset this morning, so who, someone with a heart, would say the exact same thing, knowing the reaction he would get?!  A dick head, that’s what.  So I cry again.  As you can tell, this is my Post-MS.  And that’s why I conclude that my parents are shit.  And now I boycott dinner.
Oh another thing, I called my mum like ten times and she didn’t pick up once.  She calls me an hour later and I ignore her call.  Fuck you.  My dad’s like, “What the hell Alina!  You should answer it!  She’s asking to see where we are, for dinner!!”
And I tell him it’s because I called her a tonne of times and she didn’t pick up or call me back until she wanted to call.  So fuck that.
Then he’s all like, you need to relax!  Well I fucking am trying to relax but you both are making me stress out a thousand times!!  All your nagging, incessant comments about where I should study, turning off the internet, fuck you!
Parents you suck.
Dog shit,
Just Another Woo Girl


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