One Direction dreaming about…me?!

So I had a cool thought this morning.  You know how every fan in general, wants to meet their god.  Let’s just say, specifically me, a Directioner, wanting to meet One Direction (oh lord), meets them!  That would be a dream come true, and I will remember that moment every day for the rest of my life, and obviously capture the moment in film, and, in pictures!  With the iPhone 5, so awesome…

Oh yes, side note.  When I met The Wanted, I had the ultimate dilemma, of whether to film it, or to take pictures.  I ended up filming it so I could possibly take screenshots later, and I could also upload it to YouTube, where people who actually care can see.  (Well I guess I could’ve uploaded pics to tumblr but oh well).  But now, with the iPhone 5, my dilemma is solved!  As I can take pictures, AND videos at the same time!

Anyway, so if I met One Direction, it’d make MY life, but would it make THEIR lives?  The greatest scenario of course would be, I meet them, and then mine and Harry’s eyes meet, and we fall in love at first sight. We exchange information and I stay in Sydney and he goes back to London, after the tour, and after we had met up after the concert.  And then, I go to London on exchange for a year for university, and I meet up with him, and out love rekindles.  We have our ups and downs, but in the end, it’s… Meant to be (Everybody Loves Raymond reference).

But of course, again, my friends will deny this ultimate reality, and say, “They’ll forget you, they meet millions of crazy girls all the time.”

But!  Here comes the amazing revelation that I believe that I myself have discovered.

When you dream, the people you see, they are actual people that you’ve seen in real life.  This is because your brain can’t actually make up random faces and bodies, so they take random people like from on the street, people you haven’t even looked at properly but your subconscious notes their face and existence into your mind.

And thus, although they may not remember me.  Their subconscious will.  And they will, in fact, dream about me!  One Direction dreams about me.

I haven’t met them yet, but, I was outside their vans while they were inside the van and was standing right in front, and, they WOULD HAVE SEEN ME!

So in conclusion, One Direction will, or have had, dreams about me.  ME!!!

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. I haven’t blogged in a while, I’m half considering doing vlogs on YouTube, except, that would take some extreme adjustments…


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