Hindsight, it’s a horrible thing

They say live life with no regrets.  Well, hindsight, does not let you do that, not at all.

Still on my formal dress woes, I’m imagining what it might’ve been like, if I’d listened to my mum.

She said she’d give me one day to look for a formal dress in store.  I thought, that’d be impossible.  And if I didn’t find it, I’d have to go again.  So I opted for the worse option, to online shop, and get a disgusting dress.

Anyway, it could have panned out like this.  Me, my mum, my dad, venture out on the train to the city, and I am doubtful of success on this lonesome day.  But in fact, as I look through Princess Polly, I find the lace dress with little sleeves!  Pretty!  I try it on, nice.  But is it formal enough?  I’ll have a look around.  After a day, I find nothing else that excites me as much as the lace dress.  I go back and buy it!  Yay!  Then I go to Wanted to check out heels, found!  The perfect sparkly silver heels with no ankle strap because I am so over my punk Steve Maddens.

Am I over being punk?

Side note, not sure whether to dye my hair back to purple, as it is currently faded into a fluorescent peach colour…  Or to go back to previous hair style, ark ash blonde ombre with highlights and lowlights.


Anyway.  That’s how things could have been.  I could’ve gotten the perfect outfit in minimal costs as well!

Or, I could have not bought these black booties from Wanted in the holidays for the great price of $50, and would now have another $50 to spend and buy both the replacement formal dress AND my American Apparel shorts.

Also, if I hadn’t eaten lunch on Wednesday, and maybe not have bought the black Supre crop and a lacey top for Thailand, I also could’ve gotten new heels for the lace dress.  Pretty sparkly silver pumps with no ankle strap.

Oh the shits of hindsight.  It makes me miserable.  And weighed down like the moon being dragged in by gravity, the inability to move away, trapped, with no escape other than to defy the rules of the universe and blow up the entire place.

Life poos,
Just Another Woo Girl


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