Karma has been restored

So I suppose Karma is real.  Yesterday, my much long awaited Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout Combat boots arrived.  Best time ever!  They were $280 including shipping (yes expensive) but so worth it!  Anyway, I had been looking at the shoes for 3 weeks before I bought them online, I’m size 6, and it was sold out.  I was checking online to find out where else to get them, and found out, devastatingly, that they were discontinued!  Basically, I couldn’t live life without these shoes.  In the end, I ordered size 5 after seeing reviews saying that they ran large.

So yippee they fit!  Here’s a pic.

My new Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout!

Anyway, as you can see, they are perfect, perfect to me.

But guess what?  This good luck and my faith in the shoe, must of course be balanced by the earthly forces of the universe, in the form of my formal dress.

My formal dress is so fucking ugly, okay, not ugly, but fucking ugly on me!  Why?!  I consider myself to understand fashion and dress for my body shape, which is a fat ass jiggly puff.  But fuck how my senses had been muffled by the extremes of the HSC, or maybe I’m just sucking.  Whatever it is, it’s ugly!

That’s not the only thing.

So I have to buy a new dress now (because I can’t get it altered, says my mum, and I don’t like it anyway.)  And the dress I like, isn’t as formal, it’s way less, and it’s $70.  That’s cheap for a formal dress right?  No!  Because I’ve been saving to get these new American Apparel high waisted shorts in dark blue, this is important because since I’ve gotten fat like an inflatable slug, I no longer fit my awesome vintage Levi’s and all my clothes, and no store sells actual high waisted shorts anymore, they’re just, mid-waist…  I mean, the fuck?!

So I need these!  But they’re $75!  And I only have $119 because I spend my money when I get it and I don’t have a job…

And this is where karma has restored itself.  With this ultimate first world dilemma.  And this is where I vent my fucking lame ass shit poop.

The dress I want from Princess Polly comes in stark white as well, and it’s $40, but I don’t know if I’ll look good in bright white.  Although, I will, be tanned from Thailand…  Also free shipping has added to the intense need.

FM1WL.  (Fuck my first world life).

Side note, I believe I made up atm (meaning at the moment), pretty sure I just made up FM1WL.  Not as catchy I must say.

Just Another Woo Girl


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