Post-hsc fun!!

So today I finally finished all my exams!!  That means, the end of high school!  I’m a bit tired to blog, all that happened was I had an awesome day after my exam (which was pretty easy, nothing hard) at Coogee beach and eating burritos and tacos and chilli cheese fries for the first time!  Also enjoyed a pretty yum berry pavlova gelato from gelatissimo!  It even had a chunk of meringue…so yum, I love meringue!  Anyway, so I decided just to upload a few pics to capture the fulfilled day!  I am a free young woman!

S and M (lol) chillin’ in the waves
Burrito bowl at Beach Burrito Co!  Very yum, something lim prawns with mango chutney, rice, guacamole, salsa…

Beach Burrito Co
Cool art on the walls, and also nice fairy lights!
Nice art
Gelatissimo!  I ended up getting berry pavlova!
Clouds, so pretty!
Awesome rays of light streaming out into the ocean!  Must be some sort of second coming in the rock pool…

Beautiful electric sunset!  Seriously wish I lived in Coogee…

My braid on M!  Three fishtails braids then plaited together!  Purdy!  If I do say so myself…
Night falling, lights by the beach…  So amazing!  Loving the chill life

So yes!  That was my day in photos, a lot of instagram photos that I plan to instagram in the foreseeable future, because you know what an instafreak I am…  Plus, oh my gosh, I’m going to Thailand, have formal, USA…  Too many things to instagram!

Just Another Woo Girl


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