Killer whales

I went on a holiday to the US for three weeks and got back a few days ago.  And just then, saw a picture posted by Kylie Jenner on Twitter of a killer whale.

Whilst in the US, I was in L.A. and went to San Diego Sea World (I think), and saw the most awesome killer whale show featuring Shamu!  Anyway, my dad had visited America around ten years ago with colleagues or something and there was a trick they used to perform where the professional swimmer, animal caretaker, performer would somehow swim underneath the killer whale together and rise from the water on it’s nose…  A man drowned underwater whilst performing this trick and they haven’t performed this feat since.

Anyway, I find this story traumatising that it truly happened and this man who loved killer whales and animals died accidentally underneath one because he couldn’t escape from under the killer whale’s giant body.  I just imagine him struggling underneath this amazing animal and running out of air and suffocating and possibly inhaling water into his lungs.  The audience, who’d witnessed this man’s death, that was accidental.  It kind of makes me frightened of killer whales, their colour scheme is already menacing, and now when I think of them smiling during the show, I feel as though it is evil, like the kind of smile Mr Burns does…  I mean, it’s a million times scarier when something or someone who appears friendly and kind is actually evil or mean or something less extreme.

And then at the same time I feel bad for thinking horrible things about killer whales, even though they are called killer, and they eat meat, but I suppose we eat other animals too.  A blue whale only eats krill…  So basically, I just had to get that off my chest, although I still feel exactly the same as I did before almost completing this post.

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