Excitement nullified

I wasn’t really looking forward to getting my HSC results, it was sort of a thing that was happening but I didn’t particularly realise the impact it would later have on me.  Just putting this out there, not at all am I depressed, but honestly, I am slightly maybe more than slightly glum, as I did see this coming.  In my generally carefree past few weeks of going on a wonderful trip to Thailand, to falling in love with Americans in America (minus San Francisco, not really a fan) and just chilling and doing whatever I want, I have thought of university as a distant future, one that excited me yet frightened me and made me nervous at the same time.  Leaving the nest (lol) of high school and heading out across the great seas (lol again), but what anchored me was the fact I would be studying something that interested me completely, that it meant something, that I would be continuing to learn these amazing things for the few years at uni and the rest of my career, corny and what not.

But now, the excitement’s disappeared, lost, nothing’s really happening.  The choices of courses have been limited to courses I hadn’t even considered doing, to universities that were completely off the grid, yet I’m still only looking at the top three in Sydney, no thank you to the two hour trip to any other university.  And yeah, don’t know what to do, yet don’t want to waste precious years of my youthful life…  
Adolescent dilemmas.  Being like Benjamin Button makes sense, yet, it’s also very creepy.  Though I suppose it wouldn’t be creepy if everyone was like that and we didn’t know different.
Goodnight world,
Just Another Woo Girl
P.s.  Sometimes I find the name I have given to myself in this blog quite ironic, and then I lol because it’s still connected to my Google+ account, which never really overtook Facebook did it, and I suppose never will.  

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