The Mayan Apocalypse

To be honest, I don’t think I would mind if the world ended tomorrow.  On condition that we merely just vanished into particles in space that retain our minds as a free spirit.  It would be equally interesting if I died in a way that wasn’t painful and then got to view the earth from the atmosphere in another outer body spiritual mind experience, where human beings and animals were no longer were on earth, and it was raining down giant flaming space rock from the sky.  Or possibly just any sort of being that existed infinitely, with maybe a vast and diverse limitless range of activities that ‘atmosphere’ or non-physical beings could enjoy, the same or even more than human beings can enjoy on earth!

Sci-fi and other limitless possibilities in the universe seem to (obviously) intrigue me.  They of course exist, it’s just a matter of time that human beings will discover their existence, unless we become extinct before the end of the universe, which is another likely event according to the lifespan of the sun.  But I’m just playing around and imagining these things.  But then again, does the power of imagination increase the power of discovery thus knowledge?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the first two seasons of Misfits for the first time, and loving it.  And also completely loving the imminent romance/love between Alisha and Simon…  So freaking cute.

Anyway, back to the Mayans.  Another reason that I wouldn’t mind it being the end of the world (though it is kind of opposing that I would also like to be young forever and be able to gain the knowledge of the universe), because, of yes, my HSC results.  Aside from achieving a thousand times less than I would’ve thought I’d achieve when I was twelve, it’s even worse knowing that those ‘dreams’ (for lack of a better word) would not be met by modern me.  My parents said, “I don’t mind, because I know you haven’t yet reached your full potential.”  Which really doesn’t erk me at all, because I know I could’ve tried harder and done better, but then at the same time I think, maybe, this is how it’s meant to be.  Like how apparently we only use 99% of our brain power or something…  Whatever the percentage, maybe that’s all the will power I will ever be able to access.  But I suppose, or know, that that’s just the mindset of a loser and a lazy shit, is it time to change?  I guess change doesn’t have to occur all at once, but is incremental, so suppose I start now?  Maybe I shouldn’t mark the beginning, or have a starting point, or set a time or an alarm for a specific situation in which I start striving rather than being complacent.  I think I’ll just go with the flow.  Then again, that sounds a whole lot similar to my currently negative state of mind.

Whatever.  Yeah, I probably don’t want to the world to end.  Many opportunities lie ahead and many mistakes will be made, I just have to make sure that by the end of my life cycle, I will have achieved whatever that it is I wanted to.  Okay now I’m just thinking too far into the future.

Back to Misfits!
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  Whilst proof reading this, I really do sound off my head.  And now saying this in my mind whilst typing and acknowledging this whack talk, is kind of making me feel crazy.  But maybe it’s just the flustered mind of the month talking.  Lolzoid.


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