Hunger on Christmas Eve

Quick post here.  I don’t know what to do.  Today I went to the gym, and as the lazy person I am, who hadn’t been to the gym for more then a week since becoming a member, I now reside back at home energy-less.  I am so hungry.

It’s Christmas Eve.  This year, we’re having a Christmas Day dinner instead of the usual Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.  So tonight, I have already finished eating dinner.  My dinner comprised of some salad, three pieces of sushi, some cherries, and a slice of mud cake with a dollop of cookies and cream ice cream.  Well, now that I’ve described it like that it sounds like I’ve eaten quite a bit, but the problem is, I’m still fucking hungry!!  No meat tonight seriously?!  Now that I’m working out (lol) I need sustenance and protein!  Not just fruit and leaves!!!!!!!

Far out man.  And there’s nothing I can do.  I can’t walk down the street and get some fried fish, so not in the mood.  Can’t stuff myself with junk food, not only because I’ve turned over a new leaf and am discovering a ‘healthy’ lifestyle (forget the ice-cream and cake), but because we don’t even have junk food!!!  No chips, no biscuits, no lollies!!  Well only the cake…but I’ve already had some.

I’m just going to have to face the reality that tonight, I will have to starve until tomorrow morning, and more realistically, tomorrow night, when dinner is served.

On top of my hunger, I’m breaking out!  Around my mouth, on my cheeks, the unusual places for acne to appear.  I’m using a new ‘organic’ face wash, and I’m not sure whether it’s making me break out, or this is the first stage where the cleanser is bringing up the oils trapped underneath.  What to do?!

I wish I could drive.  I’d drive to the shopping centre and get a whopper from Hungry Jacks.  So yum.

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  I just wrote the title of the post, and now I realise, this is completely a first world problem, and there is a freaking Christmas song about starvation in Africa, it’s called Do They Know It’s Christmas? for BandAid.  Such a great song.  I love the Glee version.


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