Christmas, another year gone

It feels like so long since it was last Christmas!  I just opened my presents, yes at night, and I felt kind of nostalgic towards the Christmas wrapping.  It’s so classic, I love Christmas time!  In America, it was just amazing, all the streets were decorated with wreaths and baubles, every store was playing Christmas music, not just the cheesy stuff, but the smooth sounds of Buble, oh how he is so smooth.

Not sadly, but, I only got to unwrap two presents this year, one was chocolate and one was money.  The rest were in red envelopes or cards, not that that’s any problem…  I love unwrapping things, I might even start collecting the wrapping paper just for memories sake since it’s so sparse now.  We used to end up with heaps but now, just the two.

Anyway, I am going to try and save all the money I’ve received, and will receive for my birthday in a few weeks, and Chinese New Year in a few more.  I literally get so much money during this time of year it’s crazy.  I want to spend it on something special, like One Direction merchandise, or a chance to meet them, or something crazy fine.

It’s sad to see the Christmas season leave again for another year, I love Christmas music so much, it’s so full of cheer and feeling!  But I don’t want to be like the town of Post, it’s kind of creepy to play seasonal music when it’s not the season…

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  Best Christmas feast this year!  So much food, and also, we celebrated my Granda’s 82nd birthday which is happening in a few days with a delicious mango cake like no other I’ve ever tasted!  It was majority mango and cream!  It was sponge with the top edges covered in thick layers of cream, and cream at the bottom edges, and inside a massive crevice filled diced mango and cream, and the entire cake covered in slices of fresh mango!!  Best cake.


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