New Year and other shit about nothing

I can’t believe it’s the end of 2012…  Not only is it the end of a great year, but the end of an era and the mark of new beginnings, for real this time!  No matter how you try, everything is going to be new, unless you’re repeating high school again, so this is the year where you don’t even have to try, and it will be new!

Aside from that, I was uploading pictures from last nights New Year’s Eve celebrations and scrolled down through my 2012 album to view the photos I’d just uploaded, and whilst scanning quickly through them I felt like the year had flown by so quickly, and nostalgia and happy sadness overcame me.  I didn’t think I’d feel nostalgic, because it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I might feel sad about leaving this whole life behind and starting a new beginning.  It was only a few months ago we were at the Easter show, or in April celebrating birthdays and having my hair in weird braids and things like that.

Okay well after writing that bullshit I don’t feel so nostalgic anymore, so let me just complain about how fucking sunburnt I am, and that I have ever been!  I lay on my back for a while and flip over to tan my back whilst lying of a floating chair thing in the pool, and get up and realise my whole front is red and sunburnt.  Please don’t let me get cancer…  Most uneven tan, my back is not red at all, but my front is like sizzled.  My face too.  I will not go out in public until I am no longer red with shame…

Quick overview of last night, we were a bit reserved on how fun we’d have at this party, after organising drinks and things I became more excited.  Blah blah blah we arrive at the party and it is fun! Dancing, drinking shots, smoking very bad flavoured smoke (aguilere?) and talking to people.  Fun times.

Nope, I am so uncomfortable right now I feel like my chest is weighing upon my rib cage for some creepy reason and my fingers ache from typing in an odd position.

I’d also like to redecorate my room and take down the posters from Dolly and Girlfriend I’ve had on my wall since 2008.  There are freaking Home and Away stars up there, also the Jonas Brothers, which I’m not a crazy fan about anymore but still…  I’m not sure whether to put up the many massive One Direction posters I’ve collected throughout this HSC year before and after tutoring, or whether to create a farce of maturity with artwork, I mean, I like artwork too.  I just really also love One Direction.  Harry Styles ermagerd.  I also have to get rid of my HSC books, sort through my junior high books and keep the cool stuff…  Get a new bookshelf, which my mum said she won’t…  I also want a new dressing table…  Or a dresser.  Meh.

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  I’m not proofreading this because I just can’t be fucked and it’s sort of a stupid post anyway but I don’t care so poo you I’m sunburnt and may have sun stroke like the time I had it after swimming carnival after not even swimming but only tanning and Ms Evans didn’t believe that butt.


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