Hello creepy man. Please fuck off

So once again, the creepy man appears out of nowhere, out of the shadows, behind me, in his creepy casual clothes and dragon sling bag.

Bloggerverse, you have not yet heard of this creepy man who appeared on a daily basis on my morning train to school, and even more creepily, randomly in the afternoons when I caught the train home, which is increasingly weird and creepy since school ends like two hours before the average five o’clock clock out.

I think I was in probably year ten when I first started noticing this middle aged man on the train.  I tend to be aware of the people surrounding me on the train, and since I caught this same carriage every morning where a bunch of Marist boys or some Greek Orthodox school boys, I thought I’d be protected by the adult population who would defend a carriage of young teens from what I supposed to be a pedophile.

Side note, there was this one couple I saw often, the woman had wispy brown hair and always scratched her scalp so cringe-worthingly that now when I think back to it, it might have been a wig, and her husband who was massive and had long-ish shoulder length, also wispy, light brown hair, who began off wearing casual clothes and cap and then later wore shirts and ties…  I don’t know, they always intrigued me.  Probably because of the fact they just sat there next to each other on the two seater and didn’t say anything, though sometimes, rarely, the woman would be tired and lie her head of his shoulder…

Anyway, back to the creepy man.  The first morning I noticed him was when I got off the train at my usual stop, and he alighted too.  He would walk slowly in front of me and sort of twist his head to the side, and being the sort of paranoid person I am, I would think to myself, “what the fuck…”.  And walk faster.

In these situations, where there is low danger, but high creepiness, there are only two options:

1.  Walk slowly behind them and then turn off suddenly so you lose them.
2.  Walk extremely fast so they lose sight of you.

I suppose the second option would be the smartest, although you do risk escalation into a chase if the predator is shameless and most probably mentally insane.  That’s worse case scenario.

Weeks pass and I see this same man over and over again, and sometimes after school, and he’d continue to stare at me.  Sometimes I thought maybe if I lagged behind it’d be okay, but he’d turn around completely to just stare at me and see where I was going.  Sometimes I’d walk in the opposite direction I usually take and take another set of escalators.  Or I’d walk up outside and meet my friends before school and I’d see him walk past, so creepy!

Oh I also forgot to mention that he caught the train from the same fucking station as me!  He caught an early train that I sometimes caught to go to early classes and things like that.  Most dreadful thing, because in the earlier hours there aren’t as many people, aren’t as many bystanders or witnesses…!!

But that’s not nearly the most creepy part, one day, I was grocery shopping with my mum at the local town centre (not the shopping centre, so it’s pretty sparse) and guess who I saw…the creepy dragon man!!  He was with his fucking wife and kid!  An asian wife to be exact!!!!  Talk about yellow fever…

So I was creeped out, and he looked at me all like, oh hello, you again, and I was all like, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

So yes, I saw him again today, just walking innocently to get picked up from the station, and I’m tired, I’m walking slowly, then some man overtakes me, I see these pasty hairy legs in some beige shorts (ew), and I’m like, that is ugly.  And then he turns around…AND IT’S HIM!!  I stop after he turns around a few more times, and call my mum, telling her to hurry up because there are creepy people out, and then he walks a few more metres and sits down at a fucking table, by himself, doing nothing, facing me.  FUCK OFF.

Paranoid?  I don’t even care.  This guy is creepy.

On another note, my uni course preferences are due in tonight at 12pm.  So that’s fun, especially when I still have no idea what to do or where to go.  Two hours left to decide.  So fuck this post.

Just Another Woo Girl


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