My woes of choosing a major

Seriously, I am too easily influenced by film and television that I can’t choose a major!  I can’t tell whether I simply enjoyed the film or series, or actually would like to pursue the profession!  It’s got me all confused!

I watched Nanny Diaries on TV a few days ago, it half made me want to study Anthropology, and consider studying Law like Harvard Hottie (the sensuous Chris Evans).

Then there’s The Big Bang Theory which I re-watched the last three seasons of because I’ve had no space on my computer for more.  It almost made me consider Micro-biology because of Bernadette and her adorableness!  Mad cow disease…

Then prior to this I used to watch Scrubs on TV and it made me want to be a doctor, it looked fun.

And The Good Wife, and Suits makes me want to be a lawyer.

Watching reality TV like The Hills makes me want to be a fashion designer, or something in that industry.

Also How I Met Your Mother made me want to become an architect.

Listening to music and loving shows like X-Factor (UK, and USA, maybe not so much Australian) and The Voice makes me want to pursue my life-long (18 years) dream of becoming a popstar!!  Or even just going around in recording studios…

And I’m pretty sure shows like Glee and Vampire Diaries may force me to become nostalgic about high school, not that I want to go back to high school.

Yeah it’s crazy, I don’t want to be a scientist!  But then I think, maybe I haven’t pursued it enough to discover that I truly love science and may be destined to win a Nobel Prize and change the course of human nature…  I mean, I did win a medal in year 4 for the National Science Competition.  Nah, probably not a good idea.

I’m confused.  I don’t know what I actually love and am passionate about.  This is the same dilemma I went on about a few months ago.  I still love singing, I still love music.  Everyone loves watching films but do I actually want to create one?  Write a script?  Direct one?  Sigh pie 101.

My enrolment day is tomorrow.  My mum’s coming with me and now I don’t even know why because to be honest I doubt she’ll be very helpful, but I suppose she could provide moral support…  Emphasis on could.

Anyway, I’ll stop whining about my problems (I was about to type impish…) and get on with my online enrolment prep.  At least I’ve made it through one step, choosing my course.  Actually, tomorrow after I enrol and officially become apart of the USYD community, I’m going to change my UAC preferences and put Fashion and Design first.

All I know is that I want to travel the world, and possibly do that whilst working as well.  Actually, that is a very important facet.  I would love to experience the world on a business level, yet also the usual, holiday one.  PAPAYA!  Not to mention my dad isn’t paying upfront for my fees anymore, so basically I’m going to be poor until I’m successful, and by successful I mean pay off my debts and live comfortably in my own apartment, and also in other facets of life.

Just Another Woo Girl


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