Sidelined to my bedroom

Lol.  I wake up at 11 and played around on my phone until I see my mum call me, see, because my phone is on silent.  I thought she was calling from work to say she was working till 3, unluckily not.  She called to say her friends and her are at Paul’s Warehouse and do I want to come and look at shoes.  Not really.  To make matters worse, she’s bringing her friends around afterwards to, I don’t know, drink tea and eat dried fruits.

So now I’m already awake at 11:30am, I’ve made breakfast and ran it up to my room to eat like a hermit.  Well rather this than have to actually put a bra on and a kind morning face and greet them…  Yeah…

Less than 24 hours, well actually I only have the rest of today until I go to sleep to figure out what subjects I want to do in first (and maybe second) semester…  It basically determines the major anyway.  Sigh pie.  Enrolment tomorrow…  Also my dad is a psycho but I can’t be bothered explaining.

Just Another Woo Girl


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