Uni update

Not really sure what I ended up on the last time I posted, but something about anthropology I suppose.  Anyway, it’s week four of uni and seriously, we’re already on our second strike.  Now usually in high school, I wouldn’t give a fuck, but now that it’s uni and I actually want what I’m paying for and want to learn something, it’s shit.  I miss out on the most important thing, tutorials!  Sigh pie 101.

Other than the strikes, anthropology is turning out to be the most mundane out of all the subjects I’ve chosen, only to be great in tutorials when I can just listen to my attractive tutor talk about stuff, and roll in some anecdotes and funny stories.  Well not to sound overly creepy, but I googled him and found out that he’s a dancer and composes music, which is so awesome!  I love music too.  But we probably differ in genres and tastes but whatever.  But but.

Sometimes I laugh or giggle to myself just because I know I’ve googled him and I know what he does in his spare time or what he previously did.  One time in class, well this week on Monday, I started laughing and looking down hoping he wouldn’t notice, but of course he did, and was like, “Why is she laughing?” Awkward cos I’m laughing at you, but not at you, as more as with you, or more so like loving laughter, as in, you’re so cute!  He’s like 30 I think.

After class he said, “You know it’s okay to laugh in class.”  Swoon bitches.  Wow this is turning into a slightly stalkerish recount of my tutor.

Anyway, had an anthropology lecture later that day, and he attended it, I think to gather notes on what to talk about, I’m not really sure.  Not sure if you know but tutors are mostly, are PHD students of that particular field.  And he made a joke the first time about being imprisoned in the Old teachers College where I suppose they do alot of their writing and stuff.

Anyway, people usually say hi to their teachers in high school, and a tutor is basically a teacher, and the lecturer is kind of like a distant figure who will never know my name because I will never (maybe I shouldn’t say never) become knowledgable enough in the field to be able to contribute so broadly in a lecture…  So for the first time I’m early to this lecture, I walk up to the other side of the hall and see my tutor, he see’s me, I look down, I look at him when I get closer in order to say hi, and then he looks down, and I say hi to no one.

Anyway!  Left this post open for too long whilst doing other stuff and have lost my train of thought.  Busy day ahead tomorrow, and a long night and uni the next morning!

Hope you are all enjoying your lives.
Just Another Woo Girl


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