I finally understand the life of a musician + late essay woes

So after handing in late my first assignment yesterday, I can now move on to my second assignment that’s due this Wednesday…  So I logged onto Blackboard to look at the notification on what it is we’re supposed to do, some sort of essay which I am completely clueless about, with readings that I haven’t done.  I truly suck.

And saw on the corner an announcement from anthropology, “Late Short Essays.”  This is obviously relevant to me, so clicked on it and basically slowly began to shit bricks.  My body temperature actually rose.  It said we had to read the unit of study outline about late work.  And I thought, oh shit, was I supposed to hand in my essay to a separate place for late work?  And turns out I lose 2% of the raw mark, not 2 marks, everyday.  So if that were true, I’d have to go into uni again and hand it in, 3 DAYS LATE!!!!!!!  I don’t even know how much loss that is but it is a shit load more than what I have done!!!  Anyway, luckily after about seven minutes of panicking and clicking links and finding the words “late submission” I think I can almost firmly say that I think I’ve handed in my essay to the right place…  I’d actually misread one of the lines saying: any essay submitted after the return date will not be marked, as, that any late essay will not be marked.  I actually started to stress out less thinking that yes, I had actually failed this course, and that, I didn’t even really care.

Halfway through this I was considering emailing my tutor and asking him the actual protocol since the information provided was scattered every-fucking-where all over the internet and on pdf files…  But then I decided to just search harder since he didn’t reply to my first email I sent him.  So pretty much needless to say that there’s no point emailing my anthropology tutor.  I was going to generalise and say all tutors, but my philosophy tutor emailed, I think everyone he has, saying to email him an essay outline.  And I would, and it made me so happy to know he cared about us individually, but I haven’t started nor have I done my readings…  I feel really bad that I haven’t done any work because even though he doesn’t make jokes and things like my anthropology tutor, I think he might actually be better.  I don’t know if my anthropology tutor is my favourite anymore, my friend said that the girl sitting next to her found him obnoxious and annoying.  Also, my sociology tutor emailed my group assignment group on the process of the youtube video and I was planning to reply, but then didn’t because I actually hadn’t started editing our video.  But I got it done in a day, a week before it was due, so, diligent me…

Now I think maybe I really should have done media and communications at UTS, seeing as MeCo at USYD is apparently the shittest and all the other unis laugh at us.  I really had so much fun being interviewed by people at the Optus Rockcorps concert!  But also when I was watching the performers in the zone, and jumping around really enjoying themselves, I wish I could do that too.  It would be amazing.  I also realised that the stories many songs tell, of travelling around the world and living your dream yet being separated from the ones you love and the sadness that comes from that – basically the sadness and the happiness and how you’ve gotten everything you wanted but less of what you really need.  Holy shit, I’m pretty sure that’s a lyric to some song I don’t remember right now – you got what you want, but not what you need.  Well actually, that’s also a line applicable to the generic love song as well…  But basically, I felt as though, while watching The Script perform, was that they were living that exact life.  Their songs about love and loss, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, the immensity of a musicians passion is limitless, they are like vampires and every emotion they feel is heightened and expressed in such a way that all human beings can relate and feel those same emotions relating to their own lives through melody and lyrics.  It’s truly amazing.  It made me feel sad and happy at the same time.  What’s even the word for that emotion.  I feel so juvenile talking about happy and sad.  Joy and melancholy?  I don’t even know.  The Script were amazing.

Anyway, I still am not completely sure if I handed in my assignment correctly and I feel sort of lost in a way that I can’t email my tutor because I won’t get a reply, but I’ve exhausted all the online resources for reliable information and still am not completely sure.

Also, I’m hungry and I don’t want to eat because it’s past 11 and I don’t want to gain weight, yet, I’m hungry.  Or maybe this is normal, and people feel slightly empty in their stomachs all the time.  The thing is when I was eating dinner, I actually ate until I was full, but now I’m just hungry again.  Is it because I’m bored?  I mean, I was watching YouTube videos, and new episodes of my favourite shows.  Well, actually for the past half hour I think I’ve just been scrolling through my social media news feeds reading uninteresting and un-stimulating articles…  Well, I hope I will have the will to restrain from going downstairs to the kitchen to eat junk.  I actually have a block of hazelnut Godiva chocolate in my draw…  Sigh pie 101.

Heading out tomorrow night, I have no clothes to wear.  Poo poo poo.

Down and out,
Just Another Woo Girl


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