You know that feeling when you’ve had one too many…

You know that feeling when you’ve had one too many drinks?  I feel the exact same way, except with food.  Fuck I just want to vomit right now.  Oh wait, I feel a bit better.  Yeah I ate dinner and was satisfied.  Then I studied a bit and ate oats with choc chips, and then, I had one thing too many when I ate a plum.  I can feel it high up in my stomach, churning, vom vom vom.

Not sure whether to hand in another assignment late, it’s 2 marks off everyday, and if my calculations are correct, it’s 0.3% off my mark.  The assignment’s only worth 15%.  Though, it’s easy, just a little bit time consuming.  It’s due in less than 2 hours, I’m thinking fuck it.  But then I’m scared the online submission thing might be deactivated and then how do I hand it in?  I asked my tutor, she was kind of pissed and basically just told me to not let it happen and hand it in at last 2 hours before 10, which is now.  I didn’t tell her I hadn’t started yet, and by that haven’t finished (now) reading my main article, and haven’t found the other 3 articles let alone read them to write a review…

My tongue is raw from eating mentos.  I ate them wrong, I sucked on them and them chewed them.  I ate like 5 on the train.  And now my tongue hurts.  Fun times.  Blurgh.

I’ve got three lectures tomorrow, I feel like I need to go to them, except if I don’t do a substantial amount of the assignment tonight, there’s no way I’ll finish it by tomorrow.  I mean tomorrow is an hour longer than today, and I still haven’t done anything.

Weird thing happened today, I was walking to the station from uni, and this random guy comes up to me and tells me I’m pretty, and keeps talking to me.  I was going to get a pide and walk to the station (which turned out to be a fail since eating greasy pide while walking is crazy and embarrassing).  Anyway, what makes it even weirder is that I was talking to him, and asking him questions out of politeness.  I find this even weirder than a random coming up to me because of the context.  I had my earphones in dude.  Earphones means I’m out of this world.  If it was in a club, it wouldn’t be as weird because that’s what people generally do there.  But it was weird.  Weird as fuck.

I wonder how old I look at uni.  I’m pretty sure I look like a fresher.  I’d say it’s because of what I wear, but I’m also pretty sure that it’s a whole lot of how I act.  I see some people at uni just having a tonne of fun in between classes or what not.  And I’m just walking from class to class with a neutral or slightly cold look on my face.  I wonder if I look 20…  I wear a backpack…  I really want to be amidst uni life, like in high school, but uni me really isn’t that capable I suppose.  Friends are trying out for executive positions in societies, and I realised that that’s how people become president of societies…  First year representatives and what not, at arts camp I realised I am definitely not first year representative material.  I thought I was sociable, but I guess I’m not so much.  Sometimes I think I am, but then sometimes I’m not.  Maybe it’s dependent on the situation, how I’m feeling, and the rarity of the context.  Meh, who even cares.

So I suppose I’m handing in this assignment late.  This is not good.  I mean, I told myself last time, that that was the last time.  And now it’s the second time.  I feel like the ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,’ is applicable here, even though it’s myself I’m fooling; which is probably a different thing all together with it’s own saying that I can’t really be bothered to figure out right now.

My lip is kind of itchy.  I was going to say so itchy, but it really isn’t so itchy.  But the more I think about it, it’s beginning to be so itchy.

I was thinking about my philosophy essay, I asked my tutor when’s the latest he’d be able to look at my outline, and I think he said maybe three days before the due date, which I think is next Monday or Tuesday…  Cos he’s got a thesis himself to write.  And I thought to myself at the time, that’s easy!  I’ll definitely be able to hand it in then, even probably this Friday!  But now I realise, since I’m late with my current assignment, I’ll hand that in tomorrow at like 9pm.  Give myself a ‘break’, and start the essay on Friday.  But the thing is I haven’t done the readings, so that’ll take me at least a day or two.  So the latest, or earliest, I’ll be able to send him an outline is Monday, which is his recommended day, which leaves me only three days to write it!  Not to mention, planning the fucking essay takes a while as well with all that fucking armchair thinking.  Sigh pie.

I’ve had an epiphany!  I’ll ramble about my moral opinions about the question here on my blog!!  That’ll help me heaps!  The question I think I’m doing is something like, is it okay to lie to someone about your religion to get in their pants because it’s a one night stand?  Something like that…

Just Another Woo Girl

I really hope I can still submit my assignment online after the due date…!


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