Why do we procrastinate?

Sometimes I procrastinate so far as to wonder to myself, why is it that i procrastinate?  And then I think, it’s because I’m doing something I’m not all that interested in.  But then I think of the times when I’ve procrastinated from things that when given the task, I’d initially thought, that’d be fun and easy!  And then I’d procrastinate anyway.

I kind of think it might have something to do with the actual pressure of having to achieve something, to some higher standard, than what I will actually achieve in reality.

Fucking philosophy, seriously.  Update on my essay progress: none.  Zero, zilch, words have been written.  Although, plus: I’ve finished doing the readings.  The last article I had to read was actually much simpler than the language used by fucking Kant.  Which, made it all the more interesting to read.  But I fear, yes fear, that because I simply read, and didn’t take notes, that I’ve forgotten everything.  I guess that’s another reason as to why I haven’t started writing the essay yet.

All this pressure.  Not only is my philosophy essay late, and I haven’t started it.  I still have another psychology essay due on Wednesday which, that too, I haven’t started!  And what’s infinitely worse, is that, because psych is from the science faculty, not the Arts faculty, each day the essay is late (apparently) is a 10% penalty!!  But I read on the handbook that it’s 10% per week…  I can’t even be sure.

I mean, this is what it says:

So I think it means what I think it means…  I don’t know if I can risk losing that much.  That would be a 3% loss to my overall mark which doesn’t seem that bad…

Anyway, back to the point.  The question I ask, why do we procrastinate?  But instead of asking, maybe it’s that we should just DO.  I mean, even though everyone comes to this conclusion, or when talking to friends, they’ll just tell you to FUCKING JUST DO IT, but it’s like, something inside of you is afraid of failure?  Meh, what the fuck.  This is just my way of procrastinating.

Fuck all, man,
Just Another Woo Girl

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