Apocalypse from a Word Document

Life?  What is it?  Life is only life when there’s death.  But really, for our contemporary tech teens and adult youths, what is life, what is life without Internet?  Or maybe more broadly, electricity?  Is it really a life worth living?  Well of course it is, I’d still rather be alive with no electricity, and maybe imagine myself in a simpler time like that depicted in the Peter Rabbit cartoon, or even further back.  I mean, I’m imagining to myself something I’ve watched on television, living in the woods or the forest, running across open plains and picking lilac coloured flowers that are actually just weeds.  Bringing them home to my Caucasian mother, exclaiming, “Mother!  Look what I did today!”  And the shot would open to a birds-eye view of a wooden table as I fan out these majestic purple weed flowers with long green stems.  Wow this description is so sexist.

When planning to write this blog post as of five minutes ago, I was going to rant about my annoyed-ness of the current situation, but that description of a land distant, with the 3:51pm sunlight shining directly into my room and leaving it with a golden haze, has actually been an immensely calming experience.

So I’m currently suffering from a blackout.  Already I can feel a slight rise of the five minutes of pent up frustration from merely talking about it.  And I’m thinking to myself, maybe I should just go back and describe a patriarchal woodland bliss, and be content in calmness, and just, chill.  But I still want to express what I’m going through, by bringing back up the annoyed feelings.  It seems kind of sadist.

I can hear my dad saying to the neighbours, it’s a blackout.  Seriously, I think the ‘blackout’ is in the whole block.  The reason why I am pissed off, apart from the lack of Internet, is that I was really getting stuck into my work, finally!  I mean, an update: I’ve got almost 600 words of word vomit for philosophy, and I was five questions into my weekly psych quiz (which, by the way, is actually worth something as well).  Fucking hell, I hope the psych quiz doesn’t reload itself!  I was actually feeling quite smart; I was understanding the questions without even having to do the readings.  Trusty ol’ Google.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.  The psych quiz ends at 9am tomorrow, and if the internet doesn’t come back on, or more importantly the power, I’m fucked!  Not to mention infinitely more times fucked for philosophy since it’s already late!  I need the internet.  Well actually I suppose I could make some progress for philosophy without the internet, but it was my safety blanket, and now it’s just scary.

You know the first thing that came to my mind when I had the blackout, was that, I can actually apply for special considerations for my psych assignment!  Or maybe I can’t…  Could be worth a try!  And I might try, as long as I don’t actually have to consult anyone in person.

It’s like the middle of Autumn now and it’s still so freaking hot!  Don’t get me wrong, I love hot weather!  I love it in Summer and Spring.  But I was and still am really looking forward to wearing my high waisted American Apparel jeans and riding pants, layering and snuggling up in warm coats, beanies and gloves!  I miss New York, oh how I do.  That time in New York in November, it wasn’t snowing yet, but it was perfect, probably even more perfect.  The weather was cool and chilly, but the sun was always out, and it drizzled I think only once when I was there!  Lovely!  I would’ve loved to see the snow, but that can wait for another time.  New York City, I love you.  Anyway, I loved snuggling up in my massive navy coat with beautiful soft grey faux fur in the hood!  It went down to half thigh and made it all the more fun to wear pants!  Which I normally never do!

Anyway, I’m gonna try and do some of my philosophy essay, and hopefully, when the electricity is back up, I can finish the psych quiz! The psych quiz is much more straightforward than the essay…

Ciao Amigos,
Just Another Woo Girl


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