The morning after

HELLOOOOO!!  So finally, last night, or should I say, this morning, I finished my philosophy essay!!  I put my mind to it and got it done!  Which I know, doesn’t really count since it was due a week ago, but never mind that!  On Wednesday night I had 240 words down, and was planning to get up early on Thursday to finish the remaining and hand it in.  Obviously, that didn’t work out.  So that day, yesterday, I vowed, well didn’t vow, but thought in the back of my puny mind, “I have to finish this and get it in tomorrow!  Otherwise it’ll be 12 marks lost… FML.”

Anyway, so I had dinner, and watched Friends and Futurama on TV.  And decided that, like when I was doing my HSC exams, I’d go downstairs on the unused dining table to cram out an essay. I’d spent that day basically rolling around pointlessly because I couldn’t muster the courage to sit at the computer with that itching feeling when you have no idea what to do or where to start.  My advice to others and myself, JUST START!  When I actually started writing, I realised what points I needed to put in, the flow of ideas, and the word count just kept on rolling in!  When I hit an obstacle, for example not knowing how to structure a paragraph to make the ideas flow, I just sat there in that itchy state and worked through it, in my mind.  Got up and few times and talked weirdly to myself about ideas…

Anyway, I finished at 8am this morning!  I went straight, from 8pm last night, to 8am!  That’s 12 hours!!  MATH!!!  Though to be honest, my conclusion is pretty roughly strung together and the end points of my essay seem a bit scarce, but FUCK THAT I DON’T CARE!  I went to sleep, and woke up at 1:30pm in order to get ready, print my shit, and travel all the way to fucking uni and hand it into a box.  Sigh.

Because my mum’s car was crashed pretty badly, we now only have one car, which my dad drives to work.  So unluckily for me, my mum can’t drive me to the train station.  So I was walking, dead, tired, yet slightly chirpy from having a weight lifted!  I was waiting for the train thinking if I should proof read my essay one more time…  But then I thought fuck it, there’s nothing I can change if I see something confusing or wrong anyway…

I was waiting at the lights, so tired, and I realised, I had felt exactly like this before.  But not like all those all nighters in the HSC for textiles and english, but from the morning after a night out.  Literally, the next morning after a night out, I don’t get hangovers.  However, I get home at like 5am, and sleep until usually 1pm, and when I wake up, I feel so freaking heavy.  My throat is cloggy, my body is sore, and I’m really hot…  I always thought I was sweating alcohol or something.  But now I realise that it’s due to exhaustion.  But how would I even get so tired from a night out?  I guess dancing, walking around in heels, drinking, really takes a toll on a young girl (it really shouldn’t).  Meh.  So tired.

Weeeeee my dad gave me money to buy my mum a Mother’s Day present, for this Sunday.  So I went shopping after spending an hour at uni handing in my shit.  Instead, I bought I bag for myself…  Not with my dad’s money of course, but yeah, tomorrow, I have to go and buy something.  Fml, and I have to do my psychology assignment as well which I have to hand in by Wednesday.  Otherwise I’m doubly fucked, I mean it’s going to be a week late, so I’m fucked already.  Life.

Anyway, I love my new bag!  It’s from Sportsgirl!  It’s one of those petite backpacks, like the ones from the 90s and in Clueless!  It’s faux leather I think, and it’s got a draw string, and gold clasp, I love it!  I want to use it for uni, but I’m not sure if it’ll fit anything without falling open.  Also, the straps are the ones where it’s not fully connected to the bag, so if I grab one strap without the other, it just falls straight through.  I used to have a bag like that, it was so fucking annoying.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to fix it without sewing it like I did for the other bag.  It’s so pretty though!  Here’s a pic!


It’s got studs on the bottom, leopard print lining, a zipped pocket, a shoulder strap that goes at the top, but it’s not adjustable.  The straps are adjustable, and it’s super cute!  Love it!

Seriously though, today I was planning to wear something easy and comfy, so I wore my usual boots and high waisted dress shorts with my khaki anorak that I love (it’s from Aritzia in Soho) and wear all the time.  The only thing I did different was I wore a plain tee, well it’s not plain, it’s the tee I bought from the merch stand when I went to see Love Never Dies (AMAZING!!!!).  And to make it cooler, I wore this rose gold chocker necklace that was super cheap and on sale at Diva.  Anyway, now I feel bad, because I really liked my outfit today and I’ve wasted it on a uni day when I didn’t even have classes.  Yes, lol at me all you like, but I haven’t bought clothes for months, this bag is the first thing I’ve bought!  Sighpie.

It was freezing when I went to sleep this morning, and when I woke up!  Although, my feet were still cold but my face was so hot!  It’s burning up!

Mehhhhh, I feel good but tired, but now I know I have three essays to write.  Better get started.

What a dampener,
Just Another Woo Girl


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