Ed Sheeran in my dreams

This morning I had the pleasure of waking up feeling fresh and ready at the bright and early hour of 7am!  Instead, I went back to sleep and had yet another turbulent dream that always seems to happen when I oversleep…  And this time, it was about Ed Sheeran.  My love, my life, my only.

Ed has appeared in my dreams many a time actually, and once, we had coitus (lol).  Anyway, this time, was simply amazing.  I was at a concert of his.  I think it was exclusive or something because there weren’t many people there, maybe like two to three rows deep of people.  I was there with my uni friends, having an amazing time being so close to the sexy and amazing Ed!  I loved every minute of the actual concert I went to, and enjoyed it all the more in my dream.

But then something happened, and my uni friends had to leave for some emergency.  It was night time, I selfishly decided to stay and watch Ed.  Selfishly, because I think it was some sort of emergency, and I remember distinctly in my dream feeling guilty but then going back anyway.  So they left.  The exit to the concert hall was a shopping centre.

I walked back in, happily, and was approaching close to the stage and then Ed reaches his hand out to me and I grab it and he PULLS ME ONTO THE STAGE WITH HIM!  AHHHH FANGIRL ALL THE WAY SERIOUSLY IT WAS CRAZY IN MY DREAM!!! My heart is pounding, racing, and I can feel the smile from all the way inside my stomach, it was pure euphoria!!  I thought he was going to ask me to sing along with him for one of his songs, which would’ve been perfect, because then he’d realise I could actually sing which apparently is rare at a concert*.  That could be me!  In my mind, which was racing, I was imagining Ed being my mentor, and loving him for my eternal life.  He handed me a mic, and I was so excited to sing for him, then, he asks me to rap.

Rap?!  He starts playing a rap song, I’m not sure if it’s his, and I don’t know it!  I’m so embarrassed that he’s pulled me up on stage, as one of his biggest fans and I didn’t know the words to this rap!  Anyway, I start rapping, fumbling around for words I don’t know, and Ed’s next to me, encouraging me!  And then he takes me back off stage into the mosh pit.

Anyway, the concerts over now.  I go outside to see if I can meet my friends, I call one of them, and ask them where they are, but they’ve already left.  They’d caught a bus home…  So I go to our locker, and sure enough, everything is gone.  I think my bag is gone as well, but I don’t know, I wasn’t that worried, or I mightn’t even had had a bag…  So I go back inside.  Everyone’s walking out, and Ed’s walking around the theatre seating meeting the fans, but they’re all gone.  Yeah, somehow the seating changed from mosh, to red velvety theatre seats.

I go up to him and say, “Hi Ed!  You were amazing!  Can I get a picture with you?”  Ecstatically, we hug and I turn around in one swift motion and pass my phone to this guy with red hair, and he takes a picture for us!  I have my arms around Ed’s shoulders and his arm is around my waist, and it’s the most amazing moment ever!!  We are really friendly, I don’t run out of things to say, it’s all smooth and great!  I feel like I may have kissed him on the cheek it was so amazing.  Then we hug again, but this time super tightly, like swaying side to side, and being all besties!  But then I think I take the hug too far and we basically fall over the chairs (as you know theatre seats are super steep) all the way down to the bottom, with me landing on top of him, we’re still hugging.  This is not in the romantic way that you think.  It was so awkward!  Because I was the one who started making the hug really strong and swaying a lot!  Anyway, his face is kinda like saying, this is awkward, and what the fuck.  So I say goodbye, and I love you and all that, you’re amazing, etc.  And he smiles and says good bye as well, and I walk off, in euphoria!  Forget about the awkward moment where I tackle him, I JUST MET ED AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!  The conversation was amazing, he was amazing, there was definitely an awesome connection.

I feel like I would’ve given him my twitter, but I don’t know.  It was the perfect experience meeting one of your favourite singers!  Everything I’d dreamed it would be!!  Ed is so incredible!  I love him so much.  And this was the best Ed dream yet!  It was way more intense than the sex one!

Sweet dreams!

Just Another Woo Girl

*I watched this video on youtube of Michael Buble getting a birthday boy to come on stage to sing with him, and he was like crazy surprised that the boy could sing!

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