Drinking tea through a tim tam!

For those of you who aren’t from Australia, or have simply just never had a Tim Tam before, yes, they are nothing special.  Well that’s what I thought before I’d tried DRINKING TEA THROUGH IT!!!  

Let me tell you, Kingsley, the guy from YouTube, you all probably or should know who he is (he’s so funny, link to his YouTube channel here)!  He tried a Tim Tam given to him my his Australian friend Matt.  Matt and the majority of Australians love, and I mean think they are an Australian emblem, Tim Tams.  I and a minority, and also Kingsley, beg to differ.  Quote, “Tastes like a dry girl scout cookie..!”  Watch the Australian Taste Test here!  It’s hilarious!  And Matt is gorgeous…

Anyway, seriously, after I tried drinking tea through a Tim Tam, my life has changed.  I literally did it two minutes ago after my mum bought some for study snacks.  It’s amazing.  At first I thought the biscuit was in the middle, but the biscuit is actually sandwiching this chocolate icing/cream, and so when you suck the tea through, the two layers basically melt and the outside chocolate collapses and you have to shove the entire chocolaty god-food in your mouth.  Amazing.

Anyone who hasn’t tried it has to try it.  You bite off the two opposing corners of the Tim Tam and dunk one end in and suck the tea through!  I am so filming a video of it and uploading to YouTube, I’ll put it here as well.  This is going to be so awesome!!

Lots of choco-love,
Just Another Woo Girl


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