I am so crazy right now, I think I’m time travelling

So hiya all.  My mind is totally racing right now.  I’m typing this and thinking, very quickly, and thinking, am I going really fast?  I feel like I might be revealing some sort of mental problem right now, but then again, what if I’ve discovered my super power?  (I’m not crazy).  (But that’s what crazy people say).  (Eugh stop typing in brackets).  I heard a car zoom past a few minutes ago, but it sounded as if it zoomed past at lightning speed, what I mean is faster than life.

Or maybe I’m going even slower, slowing down time…  Meh.  Meh.  Meh.  Meh.  Meh.

Okay, cya, guys!
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. Just watched Smash.  Epic.  Kinda wanted Hit List to win though, but I suppose we started off with Bombshell.  Meh.


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