Lame update on what I’ve not been doing

So yes, it is winter break.  And I, the sad, sad being I’ve evolved into, has done nothing.  Nothing of interest really.  Well to maybe make my life seem more lively than it is, I can say that there is a slight chance I may be going to Melbourne before the break ends.  Yes, interstate, much excitement to be had there.  It’s odd really, I visit Melbourne usually once a year?  My sister lives there, that’s why.  Yet, to me it seems intolerably mediocre, the same as Sydney, but I used to argue that Sydney is much better.  I mean, Melbourne’s always been characterised as the superior city, better in culture, cafes, food and entertainment.  I guess I haven’t experienced that side of Melbourne.  And not to slight my sister, who thinks herself a true blue Melbourner, which I suppose she is; I don’t really think she actually knows all the really cool places.  In fact, a few of my friends went there during the summer break, and their photos were amazing.  They went to St Kilda beach, I haven’t even been there.  The only ‘beach’ I went to was Port Melbourne, which you could definitely say to be the equivalent of Brighton Le Sands in Sydney, which both, are not beaches.  At all.  They’re definitely just bays…

Anyway, I’ve been sick for almost a week now.  I was bed ridden a few days.  It wasn’t much of a change though.  I was sitting in my bed all the other days as well, just doing stuff on my computer.  When people ask me what I even do on the computer, I can barely answer that.  Vaguely, if I remember, I watch shows or movies, youtube, google stuff that I come across?  I don’t really know.  I always have twitter open, and facebook too (not that I really like facebook).  Facebook is so…I can’t even really express it.  It’s a hole of nothingness.  I’m not sure what it’s like for you, but I’d say it’s similar to what people think of tumblr, but much more, bland, and mundane.  The reason is, I’m pretty sure, is that there was a phase in 2009 to 2010, where the layout of facebook changed and it made liking (or the old ‘become a fan’) much more easier.  So in that case, I had liked thousands of pages.  I literally mean thousands.  There was a tally before on the profile page.  So my newsfeed is just full of spam from all these pages I’d liked years ago, so irrelevant.  But some pages post funny photos or memes, which I click through endlessly.  Most I’ve seen before.  That really says how much crap I sift through…

Right now what I’m doing on the computer?  I’ve been obsessed with James Franco again.  I’ve got Franco’s and James Dean’s IMDB pages open constantly, and have been watching all the movies they’re in.  James Dean only did three films before he tragically died, it makes me so sad.  (I really can’t express it any other way, I am a five year old).  Watching The Office bloopers on YouTube.  Watching Chengman and Pewdiepie gaming videos and vlogs…  Exciting.

I really can’t be bothered reporting all the really boring stuff I’ve been doing, so whatever.  I love watching James Franco’s instagram videos, they are the best.  It’s so odd.  Also have been watching interviews of James Franco.  I love the Esquire one with him and Dave.  Also, Inside the Actors Studio.

Okay bye,
Just Another Woo Girl


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