A boring list that you shouldn’t read if you value your life

It’s so weird reading back on some of the blogposts I made last year.  A lot of them had to do with complaining and stressing about assignments, all extremely interesting…  I didn’t post that much either, I mean a few posts down and you’re already back in March in around the first few weeks of uni.  Oh how the excitement has worn off.  Apparently you don’t really talk to other people in tutorials, which I thought you were supposed to and I was some sort of unfriendly weirdo.  I’m not sure I’m looking forward to uni that much this year, I plan to work harder though at least.  But now that I think of it, when I say plan, I really haven’t planned anything yet.  Maybe I’ll make a list right now!!

How I’ll ace uni this year:
1. Fix up a good timetable ASAP when they come out.  And re-evaluate subject choices and arrange timetable accordingly.
2. Order readers online, then pick them up during O-week.
3. Order any textbooks needed online, have them delivered to home.
4. Start readings a week early.
5. Always read lecture slides before the lecture.
6. Revise lecture slides after the lecture.
7. Complete tutorial exercises.
8. Compile written notes of interesting points (especially in Philosophy).
9. Write out summarised notes for psychology, compiling lecture slides and notes with textbook information.
10. Pay attention in lectures and tutorials and take a lot of notes on your laptop! (Which you’ll compile later into written notes, and then typed summaries for exams).

Well that was a boring fucking list.  At least I wrote it somewhere though…

Just Another Woo Girl


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