I almost!!!! But then I don’t

Sigh myself, I am the worst ever.  Here I am sitting, all by my lonesome, in my messy room, in my gym clothes, with makeup on, all ready, hair tied up, but no I ain’t going to the gym.  See?  I am the complete worst.

Now I’d just like to say that I have a full face of makeup because I thought I was going to get my OPG scan to get my wisdom teeth out today.  I had already agreed with my mum that she would take me in the afternoon.  But when I woke up she was gone.  So I got ready and half waited for her, and half stared at myself in the mirror trying to fix the horrors of my hair (more on that later).  She came home at 5:30pm and didn’t say anything.  So yeah, you suck!

I mean I knew I was maybe going to the gym later anyway so getting ready was a good thing.  And yeah I always wear a full face of makeup to the gym anyway.  My skin is so horrible right now, and sort of as always.  It’s flaky, peeling and dry from my acne creams…making my foundation look real cakey.

To be honest I actually was ready and wanted to go to the gym today, except eugh, my mind kept saying to me, “the gym is not for fat people,” which is so totally stupid and ironic because how will I ever be skinny and ripped if I don’t go to the gym?  I’m still waiting for me to become skinny fat, I must work harder!!  Mind over matter!  Another reason I decided not to go was that I don’t have a gym bag, or even just a suitable bag to bring to the gym, so I didn’t go.  Also, I swear I have the roundest face ever, especially also because I’m chubby, so I never tie my hair up (which I miss doing by the way).

I’m sad.  My room is messy.  My room is hot.  My skin is crap.  I am fat.

I should stop complaining!!!! That’s it I’m going to clean my room right now!  No more talk, no more typing about it on the computer!!!!  I swear…I am really tired from doing nothing.  But…

I don’t know.  I feel like I never have any clear thoughts about anything anymore.  Maybe my life is bland.  Maybe I’ve just gotten better at thinking it all out in my head.  Or maybe I’ve simply repressed thinking about anything slightly difficult.  My ponytail is so tight right now it’s sucking the brain cells out of my head.

Is it possible to have green tea overdose?  I watched some weight loss video on youtube about how green tea helps boost your metabolism and how you should drink it at least three times a day.  I think so far I’ve had a bit more than three glasses and I feel a bit sick.  Maybe it’s my lack of exercise.  And every time I eat, I feel hungry almost immediately after, in fact, i don’t even feel remotely full at all!  And I don’t think it’s what I’m eating because for breakfast I ate beans, an egg and a slice of toast.  And for lunch I had a salad with some turkey and teeny bit of pork…  That’s pretty high in protein and low in carbs!  I don’t know!!!!!!! 

Just Another Woo Girl


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