The grounds of Alexandria

I posted an ugly photo of my fruit salad dinner…here is something more worthy of your viewing! Introducing, The Grounds of Alexandria!! The vibe is pretty amazing, and the outdoor patio seating is homely, well lit yet also shady! I have to say although I enjoyed my breakfast meal, I would’ve preferred lunch but I was too early. And the desserts and pastries where probably my favourite even though I was too full to eat it all.

20140207-220617.jpgBerry Bircher muesli with a side of Mediterranean lamb sausages and a banana smoothie

I did not finish this… The muesli is ginormous!! But the rhubarb in it was probably the highlight, so smooth in texture and I love the stringy-ness. The sauasage a were good to balance out the sweetness of the muesli and my smoothie, though I definitely have a sweet tooth.

20140207-220630.jpgPassion fruit cheesecake and lemon meringue tart

I was too full to eat but I shared half and half with my friend. Lemon meringue was a bit too sour for my taste but the passion fruit cheesecake was delicious. I heart cheesecake.

Though wellco I think is still my number one cafe so far, best frappe in town.

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