Those days…

Those days when you feel fat and sad… Sadly, today is one of those days. Oh man, literally, I brushed my hair over my face and thought, “dayum gurl you look hawt today (when yo face is hidden behind curtains of hurr)”. Dayum.

So update from the last five minutes I posted, I did not clean my room because my mum called me down for dinner. And no offence mum, was I disappointed… Last night I got to have Vietnamese summer rolls, yum! But tonight I was mediocrely greeted with soup, chicken breast (ew how bland) and broccoli. Devastating. I think I’ll eat fruit for dinner. I’m still feeling a bit off, the reason still unknown. But even fruit is high in sugars and calories and I bet I’ll be hungry again at 11pm. Then I’ll eat something bad and feel bad. Hoorah.

On the brighter side I’m downstairs and chilling on the guest room bed. It’s much cooler down here, I can actually breathe. Oh, and another pretty proud moment from last night; I don’t even know why but I’ve been staying up past 1am lately, and last night I didn’t sleep until 3am because I was watching the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate…

So quick side note on that: Ken Ham. Some of the things, well every of the things (#theoffice) made me mad. He is so frustrating. And to break this hint of intellectuality in my life, tumblr had some funny stills and gifs of Bill Nye while Ken Ham was talking. His face was literally saying, “plz stop.” I laughed. This debate really made me realise how ridiculous I think religion mixed with science is. Everyone should watch the debate, guys watch it.

Yeah anyway so before I watched that I was online shopping, and what I meant to say was, I restrained myself from buying anything!!! I am proud! I’ve already set out a budget for the next two weeks until I get paid (I’ll be paid next to nothing) so I can save for my overseas trip at the end of the year to Japan and other places!!!! Being in Sydney these whole holidays, I mean it’s been fun, but really, I would much rather be exploring the world and gaining new and wonderful experiences!

Another thing that has saddened me about the holidays is how much money I’ve spent, and I don’t even know what on! Well I do, vaguely (clothes and other material goods). I got so much money these holidays, more than usual I think! And I still have next to none left! Although I am saving, and have saved quite a bit (when compared to past saving records) so that makes me happy!

Anyway, looks like I’ve just cheered myself up! For the first time in my blog for a while, woo. And that was not completely sarcastic either! Venting is good for the soul, and I’d rather not bore the real world with my mundane thoughts and woes. So hello world! Hello internet!

I’m going to eat fruit and clean now!

Bye lovely munchkins!
Just Another Woo Girl


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