Please use your inside voice

Lol my fan is so loud when I close the door I can’t hear my parents screaming at each other.

I actually sort of think my dad may go through some sort of monthly issue like PMS but I don’t think there’s any sort of scientific reason behind his temperamental and anger management issues.  It’s weird because he used to be a lot worse.  And when I say used to, I mean maybe around six years ago?  I mean recently we had a huge fight because I wanted to turn on the air conditioning and he said it’s a waste of energy and basically said he would kill me at that very moment by punching me and he wouldn’t even care about the consequences.

Literally I said to him, okay, the fuck is wrong with you?  Why are you being so crazy over the air conditioning…  And I slammed the door and then he rams into it trying to get in like a fucking maniac saying he’s going to knock me dead.  I was like okay, kill me then (you idiot).  And then he’s all like, “why you slam the door?!”  And I say, because I’m angry at you for not letting me turn on the air conditioning when my room is fucking what 35 degrees and I can’t breathe, i.e. what we were just arguing about (idiot).  And he gets even more angry because he doesn’t like my answer and I’m like, what, that’s exactly why I slammed the door and I don’t even give a fuck.

What’s weird is that my mum was downstairs shouting for him to stop screaming, yet she didn’t take the actual effort to come and stop him.  I mean, hello, he said he was going to murder your own daughter, what are you gonna do about it.  Obviously she’d rather I die than to come up and have him get angry at her as well.  So good luck dealing with the popo when they find a dead teenage girls body in your house that is your freaking daughter.

Anyway so right now I’m just chilling in the only place in my room that I can sit down on, my bed.  I was about to start planning my (very stressful) 19th birthday when I realised, oops, my bladder is almost full.  Not oops, I did not actually piss myself thanks.  So I opened my door and was surprised to hear my parents screaming at each other again in chinese.  As usual when I first hear them fight, my heart is like “uh oh,” and I slowly freeze and try to listen.  Realise this, I am all the way upstairs, nearly on the other end of the house and they’re in the kitchen.  What I mean by that, is their shouting is motherfucking loud.  All I can understand mostly is something about arms and hitting them, and maybe murder.  Sigh, just calm the fuck down.  My aunty is over as well so please, calm the fuck down.

So yeah I don’t really know what they were arguing about.  I heard something about money and medication, maybe for my mum, or from my acne creams, I don’t know.  I feel like they might be stressed over all the investment properties they’ve bought, which is quite a lot.  And I feel like they don’t even really know what they’re doing…

I dunno.  Every time I turn on the air conditioning because it’s too hot in my room my mum’s like, just come downstairs it’s cooler.  First of all, everything I want is in my room.  If I’m at home I’m in my room (or the kitchen).  Secondly, why the hell would I want to hang around downstairs with you.  You stare at me, watch what I’m doing on my computer or phone, annoy me, and do gross things.

I could tell my dad was pissed even when I got home.  I had thought, er how can you be pissed already, what can you even pissed off about.  The only thing I can think of that I know about is that my aunty came over for dinner, but mum hadn’t made dinner, and dad tried calling her but mum didn’t pick up her phone because the screen was frozen.  Which to be honest, is a much too petty reason to be angry.  Why don’t you just cook?  He was planning to just eat at our local japanese restaurant which has yummy eel, but mum was just like no, I’ll cook fish and stuff, it’s quick.  I think he might’ve gotten pissed then.

Also this event that I will describe to you pretty much confirms his jealousy of my meal freedom.  You see, one day mum made dinner, but I ate a mango instead.  And today, mum is making dinner, and I had a delicious pork roll instead, and some ice cream.  And today, my aunt was apparently eyeing the mangos but my dad told her that they were for me (lol).  He was very bitter about this.  Because mum then said to him, er she (my aunt) can eat them!  They’re not all for me (me).  And he got pissy because my mum told him that he basically couldn’t eat the mango the other day because it was for me.  I dunno this explanation is boring.  So maybe their argument stemmed from that.

But to be honest, I can’t even be bothered trying to decipher why the fuck they’re fighting because a lot of the times the things they scream over are fucking petty as fuck.  They can be so immature.

And what I also thought when I peed was that, this is why I’m like this.  I scream at them because they scream at each other, and they also used to scream at me.  Every teenager probably feels like this but it was fucking annoying when I used to (and sometimes still) fight with my parents and they don’t even fucking listen to what you’re actually saying, and this tends to lead to screaming.  Though the thing is, what I then thought in my puny brain, is that I can’t blame them for how I am now.  When I was little you can blame them, because you don’t know any better.  But the fact that I am aware and so conscious of this I have the power to be different a change.  I have my own mind and make my own decisions about how I want to be.

That’s how I feel about complacent people.  I know I am lazy, that’s not something I’m proud of or attribute to “just being me.”  It’s something that I want to change.  But people who are just complacent with their flaws that they know are fucking flaws and basically prevent them from achieving and succeeding and being the best they can be at life, are just fucking stupid.  Being hard working, and not lazy, is so important for just life.  Everything is hard and takes effort, you just have to realise this.  Anything easy is not worth doing.  It’s only when it becomes difficult and you overcome obstacles that what you do is worthwhile.

So derp.

Sigh I have to clean my room it is actually a dump.  And I have so many new clothes and shoes to find a home for.  And I have to plan my birthday.  And I have to make facebook events.  And just life is a lot to do and it’s hard.  I spent too much money today…

Anyway, no more complaining…

Just Another Woo Girl


Mum barging into my room

So fucking annoying.  Seriously.
She has done this so many times now, I swear she just wants to see me clotheless.  Eugh, I just want to gauge my eyes out.  Fuck!!!!!  Anyway, again today, she does it.  I have a huge headache from I guess being dehydrated and staring at a computer for a few hours and when I got home, I took off all my clothes to get ready for a shower.  I was standing in front of my mirror clotheless, calmly taking off my make up.  Just thinking about the shower that is to come, hoping it will take away my headache without me having to take panadol.  I mean, I don’t have a thing against panadol, in fact I always take it as soon as I have a headache, which is sometimes a lot.  The only reason I didn’t want to today was because my water bottle is empty and I couldn’t/can’t be fucked to go downstairs.
Side note, it didn’t take away my headache.  So I’m typing this whilst still having a mild headache. I’m such a lazy fuck.
I hear my mum come up the stairs.  I hear her footsteps approach my room.  I hear her turn the door knob.
“Go away I’m changing!!!”
The door knob continues to turn.
I turn around with my arms across my chest, “GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Fuck, she sticks her turd head in the door and then is like “Oops!” with a retarded grin on her head.  And closes the door quickly.  
FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.  OOPS MY FUCKING ARSE.  Far out!!!!  She literally doesn’t learn, wants to piss me off, and doesn’t fucking listen!  I clearly shout from my room, “Go away!!  I’m changing!!!”  Several times and she still continues to stick her head in the door!  As if she has to inspect if I’m actually doing what I’m saying, or doing something ‘naughty’.  Fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously need to install a lock on my door.  Preferably one that I can also lock from the outside with a key when I’m not home, because, I know, for a fact that she snoops around in my shit.
Fucking hell,
Just Another Woo Girl

Selena Gomez is not a slut!

Oh my god seriously, all these people commenting on these pictures of Selena Gomez’s Adidas ad campaign on facebook, being all like, “ermagerd what a slut”, “it’s sad she’s becoming a slut. But typical of disney stars…” – UM SHUT UP.  God seriously, it’s a fucking ad campaign, her skirt is like up to her knees, and she’s wearing normal shorts and socks, and a freaking hoodie, this is like every ad on tv, every ad in a magazine, you don’t see people calling high end fashion models sluts.

Seriously, all you haters.  This is the picture I’m referring to that popped up on my newsfeed just then.

This picture isn’t mine.  This isn’t slutty.  Selena isn’t slutty, GOD.  Just all those Disney haters, so what about Disney stars.  It’s easy to generalise and say that all young disney stars will end up being crazy and slutty because they were open to the public eye from a young age.  Is it from jealousy that these people, of all ages, are hating on young stars?  Jealousy because they are more successful and are living their dreams at such a young age.

Why don’t you try and fulfil your own dreams instead of trying to crush others?!

Just Another Woo Girl

Disgustingly creepy new toilet seat

My parents have been talking about getting a new toilet seat for a while now, and finally, I suppose my dad cracked and decided he would go out on his lunch break or something and buy a new toilet seat.  (Other scenario, both, my mum and dad decided on getting a toilet).  Anyway, whatever the series of events that led up to this fateful decision has left me, having to go downstairs to go to the toilet now.  No matter the time, not matter the darkness, I cannot, will not, relieve myself in this creepy, disgusting, pregnant toilet.

Maybe it was my mistake, my dad asked me to come out of my hermit shell, otherwise known as bedroom, to look at this new toilet seat he’d gotten.  To my surprise, he had not gotten it to replace the shitty plastic one downstairs, but the actually ceramic one upstairs.  Another thing I might add is that I never use to the downstairs bathroom, it’s quite heritage, or as I will describe it as, old.  I was watching the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory so I gave it a miss, thinking, (foolishly), it’s a toilet seat?  What could possibly be wrong with it?  Toilet seats really only come in ceramic and wooden designs, so that would make risk of cringe-worthiness, almost 0%.

Oh, how, ever, was I wrong.  After finishing the episode, I went out into the light, of the corridor and headed down the hall to see the toilet seat.  I looked at it from the door, my dad had just finished installing it.

“Looks the same,” was my response.

Funnily, my dad pointed out nonchalantly, “No it’s not, the connecting part is metal, that’s different.”

Okay whatever, I go downstairs, go about my business, have dinner, and now comes the time in which I need to use the portal to the sewers.  I ask my dad if I can use it yet, he says yes.  I head upstairs to the bathroom.  I lift up the lid, and to my extreme mortifying horror, there is a fucking baby toilet seat stuck underneath the actual toilet seat…WHAT THE FUCK?!  Okay, my reaction wasn’t that big at first, I thought, oh, the toilet seat is stuck under the lid, then I realised, no, there’s already a toilet seat on the toilet…THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!  Oh the horror, oh the extreme mortification, I wanted to cringe and possibly endure a seizure-ous attack on the ground but I didn’t want to have my head anything near this creepy monstrosity.

Just so you better understand what the toilet lid looks like, it’s like the toilet seat lid has been spooned out so that there is space to fit, a mini toilet seat, that I thought must be for babies, because it looks like one of the add-ons.  I would show you a picture, but I’ve only seen the toilet once, and haven’t been there since 6 hours ago and don’t ever plan to, in my life, go in there again, when that creepy ass fuck toilet seat is in there.

I went downstairs to tell my dad, that THIS IS NOT ALRIGHT!  THE TOILET IS NOT ALRIGHT!!!  I will seriously not go to the toilet when the freaky miniature toilet seat is facing the back of me, possibly could fall and touch me, EWWW!!!  I asked him directly, “What is it?!”  He replies, “It’s good.”  I ask him if it’s a fucking baby seat, and various other objections, and he continues to answer with the same thing, “It’s good.”

Well fuck this shit I’m not going to use that toilet ever again.

Anyway, I tell my mum, and at first she’s like, in her mind (I can tell from her face), uh oh, what has he bought.  She obviously didn’t know that he’d bought this devilish thing.  She went upstairs to check it out, and came back down not objecting to its freakishness at all!  Saying, he didn’t know, that we can’t return it, that he’s thrown away all the packaging.

Firstly, he obviously did know, because if that’s not the reason he bought it, he would’ve seen it whilst installing it.  And she’s probably right, he can’t return it, because he fucking wanted to buy that toilet seat.

Anyway, long story medium length, he also bought a new shower head which I was looking forward to enjoying, and apparently got a $64 toilet cover…  I have not seen either.  And don’t plan to.  Though I’m sad I don’t get to use the shower.  Oh yes, he also admitted that the freaky baby toilet seat, is actually a male toilet seat.  WHAT KIND OF SALESPERSON PAWNS OFF A SHITASS WEIRD TOILET SEAT ONTO A GULLIBLE ASIAN MAN?!  A dick of course!  Now I’m stuck with it too.  I seriously think he expected me to not notice it, or not care, or think it was cool, dude, I find double yolked eggs freaky, but this is even freakier!!

But now I also feel awkward and bad, and don’t want to tell him to return it anymore since he obviously liked the benefits of having a male toilet seat (I don’t even know or want to know what that entails…).

Fucking hell.

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  The toilet seat looks like it fucking had a baby.  It’s disgusting.

Unhelpful parents increase stressing

So I’m going to Thailand next week.  Two days after I finish my last exam.  So when does that leave me time to prepare?  I’m not talking just packing clothes, and toiletries.  I mean, money, passports, IDs, credit cards, debit cards…  So many things to think about, on top of that, HSC stress!

I’m more stressed about Thailand than the lame HSC.  Which, by the way, my parents are completely useless for.

I tell my mum I may need a debit card or something so I don’t carry a whole wad of cash around, which would obviously make me, a target for tourist dog shit scammers.  Anyway, she says, okay, I’ll go to the bank today and ask.

She does.  She comes back and says, “No, they said it’s pointless and you’d have to pay monthly fees and you need a job.”

WRONG.  I just did the fucking research, and all I need is a tax file number and I’m ready to have a FREE debit card account.  Well you know what would be helpful right now?  Someone to HELP me get a fucking tax file number.  Which is the most strenuous process I have ever come across.  It says, I have to go through my school as that’s the easiest way…  No it isn’t!  Not when I’m done forever in a week!

Oh man, I just had a realisation.  Even if I apply for a TFN it’s too late because it takes around 10 working days to get back to me…  That’s it.  Tomorrow I’m applying for a debit card, and I’ll just have to pay the fee.  I think it’s like $10 all up or something, or either $4 or $6 a month.  Which is a lot seeing as I have no income…  I don’t know.

Also, I’m getting an iPhone 5, to replace my old ass nokia, and I want to use it now!  And for Thailand or whatnot.  And my dad wants to get a tax refund for going overseas, called the TRS.  This is because we’re going to America.  Anyway, I want to use it in Thailand, and beforehand.  So I did my research.  And he can get a refund when I go to Thailand, and he’ll send me off the airport anyway!  Well he should.  But he’s in a crappola mood at me for some reason, probably because I’m not concentrating on the HSC, but fuck that shit.  I’m stressed.


Yeah so basically they can do what I want, they just chose not to.  And that leaves me to deal with my unbearable problems.  My first world problems.  Poo.

Just Another Woo Girl

A new toilet and lack of internet

So we’re getting a new toilet.  Yay!  The toilet downstairs, I swear to god, hasn’t been flushing properly for the last few months.  But to be honest, I don’t really go to the toilet downstairs much, but when I do, oh how I complain about the lack of flushing abilities it has.

This story isn’t long, it’s pretty short and pointless but here goes.  So my parents are looking online trying to find a new toilet.  I think my dad was trying to fix it today, and I guess, he gave up and is just now looking to replace the entire toilet.

Seriously, there are so many things in the goddamn house that need fixing i.e. the shower upstairs is loose or something because waters sprays out from the pipe…  The door frame of the house should be replaced, it looks so damn flimsy, pretty sure robbers wouldn’t even need to pick the lock or what not, just hack the door frame off.  I dunno, kind of want to change the colour of my walls…  All these things need fixing, but I just feel like, any sort of DIY job, or even maybe a professional coming in to fix things won’t make the problem disappear forever.  It just seems that the problem is bound to return unless you replace the entire thing.  Maybe that’s just what I think…

Anyway, I went downstairs from my ‘studies’ to go and fill up my drink bottle to prevent dehydration, because, did you know, that when you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated?  Well, it’s safe to say, I don’t drink enough water.  Although, I am drinking more than I did half a year ago…

So I go to go back upstairs, and my mum’s like, “Come here and see which toilet you want!”

Okay.  I’d like to be included in the decision as to what toilet would best suit our bathroom, seeing as all the prior household and backyard decisions have been ultimately detrimental.  I mean, my dad basically cut the rose bushes, the trees at the front and back, and one on the side to guard us from the neighbours, until they were barely even stumps!  Stumps, I say!  I swear to god, he thinks he knows everything sometimes, but seriously, you obviously don’t know what looks good!!  There is something called a balance of functionality and aesthetics!  And his brain is obviously in functionality overload.

So I go to look, they all look pretty similar.  And I’m not sure whether to get a white or ivory/cream coloured toilet.  I mean, our house is one of those old ones that have been extended, I suppose.  So the bathroom is pretty old school, heritage looking, with the baths with feet, which sometimes I find scary since there’s a gap between the ground and the bath, in which someone could be hiding…  But I don’t really take baths anyway.  The only time I’ve taken a bath in this house was when I had a massive head ache…

Anyway, I look at the pictures.  Then I go to look at the bathroom.  I can’t envisage it.  Oh well.  I go back, and tell them I need time to think about the toilet, and walk away.

Then mum shouts as I walk up the stairs, “Just tell me if you like the wooden toilet seat!!”

In chinese, of course.

That’s what I thought was funny.  Which really isn’t even that funny.

Anyway, they turn off the fucking internet now as soon as my mum goes upstairs to bed, which is fucking, what, like, sometimes 8:30pm!!  I mean, what the hell?!  Are you fucking serious?!  If I was actually studying, and doing my English essays, I would fucking need to use!  Far out.  So annoying.  And just to spite them, I will stay up late and watch the Big Bang Theory!  Which really, doesn’t affect them, but only my studies, but fuck that!  I will also wake up late, or pretend to wake up late so that they know it doesn’t fucking help!


I’m a bit addicted BUT I DON’T EVEN CARE!!!

I have not typed in caps so much in my blog until now!

But I am EXTREMELY ANNOYED!!  Are you shouting in your head as you read this?  Because I am shouting it whilst I’m TYPING!!!

So I can’t even fucking post this blog post until tomorrow morning.  At possible 11am because that’s when I fucking go downstairs to eat breakfast!  YOU SUCK PARENTS!!  Especially YOU MUM!!!

My dad said to me yesterday after paying for my online Victoria’s Secret purchases, “My support for your study is not unlimited.”

It half didn’t even make sense, but I got what he was saying.  He kind of supported me when I said I FUCKING NEED INTERNET IN MY STUDIES AND TO NOT FUCKING TURN IT OFF!!  But he said that it’s not infinite, and that, I should, I don’t even know what he meant, as in what he was telling me to do…

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. Here I am, 10:13am, about to post the post.  Yes, they surely did turn off the internet, and i surely stayed up until 12 watching The Big Bang Theory.  Then I went to the toilet after I was tired around that time, and I think my mum thought I was on the internet because she got up, started stomping around loudly and I heard her go downstairs, possibly to cheek if I’d turned the internet on.  Sucker.

Annoying mum rant

I hate my mum so fucking much right now.  I like my dad, at least he slightly understands.  Far fucking out.  Just leave me the fuck alone.  She’s like get motivated, do something, I am fucking doing something!  She’s like get off the internet, I’m fucking doing my uni applications you dumb shit!  I mean fuck, seriously, just because she doesn’t use the fucking internet doesn’t mean I don’t need it!  I need to use the thesaurus, I need to listen to music to keep sane, I need to use my email, check terms, do the fuck whatever I want to do!  Don’t tell me to fucking get motivated!  You can’t just say something and expect them to do it, you need to instigate it!  Fuck, I mean seriously, she is the shittest at motivating!  I don’t even want or need her to fucking motivate me.  Her motivation tactics aren’t even motivation tactics, they’re just fucking nagging, and lecturing, shouting, and sneaking up the stairs ‘silently’ and then barging into my room!  Just fuck off seriously!  You’re not going to catch me doing something ‘naughty’ on the internet, not doing my work, watching a movie or some shit, because I will always be one fucking step ahead of you!  Far out, let me be, and do as I fucking will!  I know what I have to do, and nothing you do will make me want to do it more than I do my fucking self!  My dad tells me a story that is motivational and makes me understand.  My mum just storms into my room and says, why aren’t you at the trial test?!  Do your maths!  Don’t go to tutor with no questions to ask!  FUCK!  I already fucking know!  Just stop talking to me!  I don’t want to talk to you and all you do is fucking stress me the fuck out!  I tell her this!  She obviously doesn’t fucking care because she continues to talk under her breath, talk outside my closed door, just GTFO!!!  Fuck man…!!!

I’m out,
Just Another Woo Girl

Dislikes about my room and feathered foes

I have a real distaste for the position in my room in this house.  My windows have no view whatsoever, it looks out onto the roof of my neighbours, and I’m pretty sure that at night if I have my blinds open and the lights on, people on the street can see me!  Which is why, I never do.  And I chose this room because it had the most sunlight, which is a down point in summer when it is so hot I can’t even fathom it at this very moment!  Plus, I can hear everything my neighbours say when my windows are open, like now for instance.  They are speaking Greek I think, so, nothing interesting really for me to share.  I just realised, they used to have a dog…  I think it died.  I don’t see him or her anymore, I think it was a guard dog.  Oh wait, I just heard a dog bark, but it’s too far to be my next door neighbours.

I chose my room because it has lilac walls and pretty features around my ceiling light, a circle stain glass window and a better wardrobe.  Actually, one thing I like about it especially is that when you walk up the stairs my room is the right, and the hallway extends to the left.  What I mean is that, the only reason you will walk past my door is to come to my room, so basically, no one should walk by my door unless they come to my room.  Which I like.

Though I think my window sills might be too big…  Some birds are so annoying.  Think of being in a silent room, and there’s a recurrent tapping on the wall, but it doesn’t tap in rhythm to anything, just randomly.  Think of that annoyance, and multiply that by the most annoying thing you’ve ever experienced, and you will find the most annoying thing I’ve ever experienced (well one).

When, in the early hours of the morning, on the weekend, a time in which I have sleep-in privileges, my slumber is deep and my bed is like a cloud in which I sink into dreamily.  When suddenly! This crude, shrill screeching, blasts at you from just outside the window.  It’s like the tiny little birds are having heart attacks to each other and conversing in the furthest thing from melodic Cinderella birds, but simply, retarded cow sounding birds.  I swear, they just sit on my window sill to annoy the fuck out of me.  And I wait.  Hope, that it will stop by itself.  That it will end itself, the dread of Hades in my lilac walled room.  But no, surprise, surprise, it doesn’t!  So I drag myself out of bed, walk half awake to my window, and I physically, must, open my window by turning a knob around and around, to basically, push the birds of the sill.  Sadly, they don’t fall to their deaths.  They just fly away.  But I guess I don’t want to be the murderer of these birds, because I don’t want to have to face their disgusting faces when I die.  I detest birds.  Of that sort.

Well, well.

Au revoir!
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. I think my neighbours are listening to traditional Greek music.  It’s quite amusing.  It sounds a bit like fair music from the 1800s or in the era of Lark Rise to Candleford.

Stop scratching

Scratchers.  They are a brand of human who enjoy a scratch.  I myself enjoy a scratch or two every now and then, when necessary, but, I think it’s safe to say, majority, actually all types of scratching are always, enjoyable to the scratcher, and completely irritating for those surrounding The Scratcher.  Yes? I believe so.
So I’m just here, minding my own business, when, oh, what’s that?  What’s that sound coming at me from my right?  Like fingernails scratching upon sand paper.  And it may as well be, because what do you know, I have sat myself down next to a Scratcher.
Okay, you scratch.  You scratch that itch.  Scratch that itch until it don’t itch no more.  You know it annoys me.  You see my eyeballs turn towards you and your frustratingly creepy scratching.  You know you’re in public right?  We are sitting, in the quiet area.  And do you suppose your scratching is quiet?  Do you really?  Yet, you see me give you ‘the look’, and you continue to pleasure yourself, you are absolutely great.  And the scratching continues.
Luckily, this was not the worst case scenario that I myself have experienced in this seventeen year lifetime, give or take (give because I am older than seventeen).
As this scratching noise continues to bleed my ears, I remember back to a time, I think it was possibly the year 2010, I sat myself down on a train in the morning, I suppose I was listening to Taylor Swift, as you do.  Actually, hold on, I don’t think I was listening to anything, I think my iPod was broken, forgot it, lost it, lost the earphones, because the purpose of this story is – yet to be disclosed (though I suppose you have a general idea).
Gazing pensively out the window, I, a fifteen year old teenager from school is annoyingly taking up a paying passengers seat (not the point).  And all of a sudden.  What’s that?!  What’s that crusty sound?  Oh no!  It comes from straight ahead!  It’s getting louder!  It situates half a metre away from my face!  And it is the worst (actually sorry not the worst) case of head scratching.  (I have luckily not experienced crotch scratching, not that I remember).
It sounded literally like, a broom on sandpaper.  What lies in that hair?  Can it be thou dandruff?  Can it be thou disgusting?  Yes well I think she may or may not of had a weave (actually people with weaves hit their heads…).
Also there’s blackboard scratching.  Guess that’s the worst…
Just Another Woo Girl

Parents and their stubbornness

Parents and their stubbornness.  Are your parents stubborn?  Do they make ultimately invalid arguments in which they repeat the same thing over and over again?  No you say?  Well lucky you.  You must be the only one.  Oh, what’s that you say?  That’s just what parents do?  Well, be that as it may, it’s stupid and it sucks.  Balls.
So there’s I, just a daughter in a four person family.  Sometimes I consider myself to be majority of the time, an only child (sorry sister).  My sister, is basically ten years older than I (yes I) and has been living away from home since she was a young person.  What I mean to say is, I am a typical adolescent girl.  Hormones are probably raging (how would I know really, I haven’t known anything different, have I?  So this is just assumed).  Stresses piling up from the HSC (it’s the Higher School Certificate, I think it’s like the A levels in the UK and whatever, SATs in the US).  I got mixed messages about the HSC, some people said it was fine, others said it was the most stressful time of their teenage lives.  Well I have to say, coming up to the trials, and the end, all the work that I hadn’t done had (inevitably) caught up with me.  So what I mean to say is, stress, food, and lack of exercise, oh and of course, my raging hormones, I have acquired a party of acne on my forehead.
I will admit, it is not as bad as, obviously, the worse cases of acne, but it’s still there! 
And it’s silly, I ask my parents, “Can I see a dermatologist?  I want to see a dermatologist.” 
And they reply, “No, your pimples aren’t bad enough.” 
I reply, “Well I don’t want to wait until they are bad enough.”
And they reply, “It takes a three month waiting period.”
“I hear its two.”
“Well it still takes a long time.”
“Then book it now and I’ll see one in three months.”
And after that mundane recreation of events, you can repeat the last two lines alternatively over and over again.  Stubbornness, exemplified. 
What is this logic?!  Is it because they are parents they are allowed to do whatever they want?!  I mean, at least give me a valid reason.  I can’t even think of one, probably because my mind doesn’t want to work against me! 
They gave me no choice, I had to drop the bomb (please do not I am not that much of a tyrannical child, the next part occurs months after, the previous parts happen repeatedly on a three week basis).
Yeah that’s right, do you not care about your youngest daughter who in less than a year will be eighteen, and will become this awesome adult who is completely independent and did I mention awesome? 
And here is the abrupt ending to this post which has droned on far too long.
Just Another Woo Girl