I am so crazy right now, I think I’m time travelling

So hiya all.  My mind is totally racing right now.  I’m typing this and thinking, very quickly, and thinking, am I going really fast?  I feel like I might be revealing some sort of mental problem right now, but then again, what if I’ve discovered my super power?  (I’m not crazy).  (But that’s what crazy people say).  (Eugh stop typing in brackets).  I heard a car zoom past a few minutes ago, but it sounded as if it zoomed past at lightning speed, what I mean is faster than life.

Or maybe I’m going even slower, slowing down time…  Meh.  Meh.  Meh.  Meh.  Meh.
Okay, cya, guys!
Just Another Woo Girl
P.s. Just watched Smash.  Epic.  Kinda wanted Hit List to win though, but I suppose we started off with Bombshell.  Meh.

Mum barging into my room

So fucking annoying.  Seriously.
She has done this so many times now, I swear she just wants to see me clotheless.  Eugh, I just want to gauge my eyes out.  Fuck!!!!!  Anyway, again today, she does it.  I have a huge headache from I guess being dehydrated and staring at a computer for a few hours and when I got home, I took off all my clothes to get ready for a shower.  I was standing in front of my mirror clotheless, calmly taking off my make up.  Just thinking about the shower that is to come, hoping it will take away my headache without me having to take panadol.  I mean, I don’t have a thing against panadol, in fact I always take it as soon as I have a headache, which is sometimes a lot.  The only reason I didn’t want to today was because my water bottle is empty and I couldn’t/can’t be fucked to go downstairs.
Side note, it didn’t take away my headache.  So I’m typing this whilst still having a mild headache. I’m such a lazy fuck.
I hear my mum come up the stairs.  I hear her footsteps approach my room.  I hear her turn the door knob.
“Go away I’m changing!!!”
The door knob continues to turn.
I turn around with my arms across my chest, “GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Fuck, she sticks her turd head in the door and then is like “Oops!” with a retarded grin on her head.  And closes the door quickly.  
FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.  OOPS MY FUCKING ARSE.  Far out!!!!  She literally doesn’t learn, wants to piss me off, and doesn’t fucking listen!  I clearly shout from my room, “Go away!!  I’m changing!!!”  Several times and she still continues to stick her head in the door!  As if she has to inspect if I’m actually doing what I’m saying, or doing something ‘naughty’.  Fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously need to install a lock on my door.  Preferably one that I can also lock from the outside with a key when I’m not home, because, I know, for a fact that she snoops around in my shit.
Fucking hell,
Just Another Woo Girl

A substantial crisis

So for the past few days I’ve had somewhat of a substantial crisis.  Some of you may agree, and some of you may not.  Meh.  Anyway, so I’ve had these two essays due for sociology and anthropology.  Both of which, were due on the same day, I think exactly two weeks ago! And basically, the protocol for late assessments (well my understanding) is that you can only hand them in with the normal penalty, before the date they’re handed back to everyone else. I think I’m actually so stupid, or so weary over study things right now…  But anyway, a few nights ago I was thinking to myself, holy shit, it’s actually been almost two weeks now and that means minus twenty marks for me!
And knowing this, it’s pretty draining.  By this time, I find it impossible for me to actually achieve a pass, which means I will fail.  Psychology is an example of this.  But if I look at my anthropology assignment one, I got a high credit, so I could possible still have a chance of passing that unit.  But whatever.
Anyway, last night I checked my uni email and there was one from my lecturer.  It basically stated some facts about the course, upcoming things like exams.  But one in particularly, became the bane of my existence.  The sociology essay was being handed back on Thursday.  You know what that means.  I quote, the “hard deadline” is tomorrow.  Which in present terms, is today.  I was like holy shit, my life.  
To be honest at that point, I didn’t realise the extremity of my position and what actual implications it meant for my future.  But after deliberating with my friends at 4:30pm today, 5.5 hours before it was due, I realised it meant I would automatically fail the unit, if I didn’t hand it in.  Which means I’d either have to take five units in a semester which is 16 hours for me, or do an extra year/semester.  No way.  So the email from my lecturer said, so nicely, “If you don’t think you can meet the deadline, email me and we can discuss a solution.”  Even though it was a gentle and kind leeway, I was still afraid to email him.
I mean, I see my lecturer as a distant figure, a tiny person at the bottom of the hall, chattering away.  Kind of like a celebrity.  I don’t talk to them.  Even when they look at you, how can you know if they’re looking at you.  You don’t smile at them when they look at you in a lecture, you just continue to listen intently and maybe stare back at them.  I find the relationship to be much like a famous musician at a concert, and I, a tiny speck in the crowd.  A tutor is more relatable and approachable.  I mean, for sociology, my lecturer has this thing after a lecture where he shouts students coffees a Taste.  I’ve never gone.  Don’t really plan on going.  But kind of sad that I’ve never gone, seeing as I don’t plan on doing sociology next semester.
You know what, I was so set on doing psychology into senior years, even though I flunked out and it was really hard, I still found it so interesting.  But now I find out you have to do some entire big thing on statistics, and maybe neuroscience.  This could be the death of me! I know if I put the time and effort in, I can do it, but…  No!  I can’t think like that!  Next semester, it’s all in, all brains!  Your brain is a muscle and it needs to be trained, otherwise it turns to moosh!!  True stuff.
Back to the essay.  Anyway, I ended up emailing him with the help of my friends guiding me with what to say.  And he replied to me saying that I can do a substitute assignment, even though it’s completely different.  Fine with me!!  So yeah, pretty ecstatic!  
I think the whole point of this post was to say, that this was really and extremely bad, I thought I’d have ages to do the essay before the hard deadline, but turns out I didn’t.  I was even more fucked than I have ever been.  More fucked that handing in an assignment so late the penalty marks end up failing it.  I mean, this would have meant I’d automatically fail the entire course.  So I’m glad.
Except now, I was kind of really chirpy when I was starting this post.  But now I realise, I can’t be.  This is only the beginning.  I’ve still got to do my entire anth essay before Monday morning.  I’ve got two things on this weekend so I’ve got to work hard.
Another thing.  I was planning to go to both my tutes today (since I had a presentation in one and missed my limit for the other) and then going home straight after to finish the essay and hand it in before 10pm.  But I got a text from my friend asking me if I was going to my lecture.  How convenient.  I hadn’t decided yet, but that made my decision all the more easy.  No I wasn’t.  So I hung out with her, and my other friend came from the lecture we were supposed to be in.  She also does sociology, and she was the one who said, I have to email him!  So if I hadn’t decided to be a bad student and not go home and do the essay, I wouldn’t of had an important discussion with my friend that would have allowed me to not fail the unit! I mean realistically, I highly doubt I would’ve been able to finish a really crappy essay anyway.  So what’s the moral of this story?  What is the lesson?  It seems that being bad has rewarded me…  (Oooo philosophical).
Anyway, I should do my anth essay now.  I’m actually at my local library right now!  Haven’t been here since the HSC.  It’s kind of weird.  So many HSC students, I feel out of place.  Wish I had my anth reader with me…  I’ll figure something out.  Or I’ll do my SONA stuff.  I signed up for some study about medicine, it’s online, it’s 2 hours long and fucking the most boring shit ever…  So I guess I’ll do more of that.
Out sistas,

Just Another Woo Girl

What even is barbecue sauce?

What the hell even is barbecue sauce?  Someone give me a simple answer.  Is it tomatoes and something?  Vinegar?  Sweet and sour sauce?  Is it supposed to taste like barbecue? If you know the answer please tell.  But only tell me if the answer is under 10 words long.  I don’t have time for long ass wikipedia, or even answers.com answers.

I’m out,
Just Another Woo Girl

Reminiscing random memories of my crazy parents

My parents always fight.  I can hear them ‘speaking loudly’ downstairs right now.  Sometimes I think they don’t even love each other.  This is going to sound extremely harsh, but sometimes I think my mum may have been a gold digger.  She always tells my sister to marry a rich boy, or wealthy, or at least a stable and well paid job, (well now that I think of it, I guess that’s quite normal).  But my mum did marry my dad when he was studying to become a doctor, and, I don’t know.  My dad’s a bit, really weird sometimes, he makes really crappy jokes and laughs at them himself (that also sounds normal).

But he is seriously a bit weird, so I don’t really see what my mum saw in him (harsh).  And, I think my mum may or may not have been ‘pretty’ in her day or what not.  When my dad used to get angry, it seemed to be a lot of the time when I was around, five to ten (now I feel sorry for myself when I think back to it, because man, I was only a little child…).  Anyway, when I used to get in trouble, or have arguments, for some petty reason… Oh man, I was actually just a little baby, what, a little seven year old arguing with a forty-five year old man…  Anyway, he would actually pull out some fucking scary (well I thought it was at the time) kung-fu shit at me, basically trying to scare or satisfy his frustration by pretending to hit me, or actually, I’d usually fight back, or run to my room and try and hold the door closed.  Far out, my dad is actually fucking crazy.  Though, he doesn’t do this anymore, okay now I’m laughing because I’m thinking back to when my dad cries.

Yeah, my dad is a bit of a massive baby, and my mum too.  He would literally sob after a fight with my mum and like lie on the ground like a crazed child and sob loudly, and heave.  I think this may have been the point where I lost sympathy in my parents crying, well only when I’m the cause, well when we have arguments.  I just, when you’re so angry, you don’t even care if the other person is crying, I just find it so annoying to the point where I get frustrated at their crying, you’re not going to make me crack and feel sorry for you, and say, oh no, you’re right.  I guess I’m stubborn then.

But still, I still feel sympathy towards others, it’s weird, I can be completely cold towards some things and some situations, but other times I’m completely sympathetic.  Does that mean I’m biased or something?  People say that I have a tendency to create judgement and then base my thoughts further on those.  I can be subjective when I consciously make the decision to be, and when I’m biased, I know it too.  People usually don’t believe me when I say I’m not biased or saying this based upon my subjectivity or own causes.  Oh well.

As I was saying, my mum was also crazy when I was a kid.  There was a time when I’d come home from a friends house after swimming in their pool (and watching Scary Movie One in which I was scarred for life), I was around six.  Actually, I think I was seven because I’d just moved schools and was in year one or two.  Anyway, my mum told me to take my bathers to the laundry and I refused to because I was tired.  Then she started chasing me around the house, at some point I probably slipped and fell because I was on the ground and she was lifting me up by the legs.  Obviously I was crying.  I ran to my sister’s room, she must’ve been around sixteen and was studying a lot so she didn’t play with me much anymore, and tried to get her to “save me” in those exact words.  She didn’t save me.  Not sure what happened after that.

It is so clear in my mind that I’m not even just stringing together a few images in my mind, it happened like that.  I guess I may resent my parents for being so crazy.  I’m pretty sure I was an accident, that’s what my sister says, and I’m pretty sure it’s true.  Oh well, that’s their problem…

I think my mum was crazy, well this is actually according to my sister, who also agrees she is crazy with her own crazy mother experiences…  Anyway, my sister said she was crazy because she missed my dad or something.  Which kind of rejects the idea that my parents don’t love each other.  Maybe love grew, I mean, that is usually the case anyway.  My dad was always on night shifts or on-call for registrar or something, whatever it’s called.  And my mum also worked night shifts sometimes at the hospital, so it was just my sister and I at home. She used to blast the music super loud, Backstreet Boys, Brandy…  In particular, Mariah Carey.  She played “One Sweet Day” which I thought said “Once We Dead” which always made me sad.  What made me bawl my eyes out was when she played “I Can Make it Through the Rain” because I missed my mum.  I would literally crouch over on the carpet in front of the stereo and cry really loudly, my sister didn’t really do anything about it, which I find kind of funnily absurd.  She was a teenager.  Like me now.

Oh well.  Just a thought rant from me.

Just Another Woo Girl

Queen of the Household

I may or may not be the Queen of the household.  Which, is probably most conceited of me to think this, but let’s just say, I may be, because I probably am.  Now, I’m pretty sure my dad is jealous of me because my mum always cooks what I want to eat, or something, and always calls me down for dinner, specifically.

I’m also pretty sure that they had a fight about it.  I don’t think my mum should have told me, just because, I wouldn’t tell my daughter if I was in her position.  Though I think I’m probably the most tyrannical child, mostly because next year I’ll be basically supporting myself (exclude housing) so I had decided a while ago that I’d make the most of my final year of being on parental support.
But please, all, don’t think that I am extremely out of control, because I really don’t think I am.  My mum had basically told me before, that once I finish high school, I’m on my own.  That is, unless I stay living at home, which, I know she wants.  I’m not even being arrogant when I say this, because she actually says it.  Though even after saying she wants me to stay at home, she says, you have to do everything for yourself and pay for every single thing yourself.
As a teenage girl, that I still am, I had always, always, always, wanted to move out of home straight away when I finished school.  Live on university campus, be independent, wash my own clothes, cook and eat whatever I want.  So really, if my mum wants me to stay at home, there should be an incentive.  And now, their isn’t, because I’ll still have to do everything myself.  I mean, I’ll still see you, I’m not living in another state…  Or am I…
Anyway, so my dad says to my mum, “You treat me like a second class citizen!”
Wow, thanks for telling me mum, now I know dad is annoyed at me constantly.  He went to eat one of my hair and nail supplements, and my mum said she said, “Those are Alina’s!”  And my dad goes, “So?!  I can eat them if I want to!”
The question is, why do you want to eat them?  I swear my dad has become vain for some reason.  And the only obvious reason I can think of is that he’s got a lady on the side.  But that’s only because I’ve been watching far too much Mad Men and realistically, I can’t see that happening.  Another reason why he’s vain, he has gotten braces.  Braces.  I mean seriously?  He’s almost sixty, why does he need straight teeth?  I mean, he’s already married.  It’s not like he needs to court someone so he’d not be alone for the rest of his life.
I feel like both of my parents are completely childish, and I blame my own immatureness on them.  It’s a negative influence that I cannot escape.  I suppose once I move out I’ll be able to grow up, but I am still a teenager, and I do like the idea of being young forever, so immaturity is still a somewhat acceptable stage.  My mum always feels sorry for herself, my dad has become increasingly childish as I have noticed, just his mannerisms and the way he gets annoyed at my mum and has these crazy facial expressions that maybe in a sitcom I’d find amusing, but in real life, it’s really just, unpleasant.
I think my dad wants to be the boss of the household, but I think I’m the boss.  Which is completely wrong, though I don’t do it on purpose.  One of my parents should be the boss, but it just isn’t.  I feel like, something is horribly corrupt within the state of my house.  You probably think so too.  And I agree.  I feel like I’m Claudius, and I’ve disrupted the natural order, and I’m so evil and nefarious.  But I don’t want to be Claudius!  I was thinking I’d want to be Hamlet, but he dies.  And then I was thinking about other characters like Ophelia, and these I realised that they all die, so I’d rather not be anyone from Hamlet…
Just Another Woo Girl

Meeting The Wanted: Euphoria and melancholy

So between my last exam and the next I have a break of six days, in which to study, prepare, and make notes for the last few of my exams.  Today is the first day of this long awaited honeymoon break from assessments, and so far, I believe, I have been most productive.

I.  Just.  Met.  The Wanted.

Well, I suppose I didn’t exactly meet all of them, but I met Jay!  And got close to Siva and Max!  I’ll tell you about our connections, after I rave about the Jay and I’s intimate moment.

So please, brace yourselves for the ultimate fangirl moment.

And he is simply the most adorable guy ever!  His hair is all curly and cute, he was wearing this blue denim shirt over a white singlet, so gorgeous!  I think I have a thing for guys with good mops of hair, Harry Styles…  Hot Trinity Guy… I got to hug him and he said, “I like your jumper!”  You like my jumper you say?  Well I love you!  Sadly, just before the boys came out to meet fans my iPod ran out of battery, this was probably the most devastating moment in my adolescent life.  Just, the very moment they come out, I go to turn on my camera, and the screen, lies blank.  I basically had an anxiety breakdown, luckily Amy had her phone.  And then I got a photo with Jay!  He is so sweet, he was holding all his gifts, a bag of skittles, a kangaroo scrotum, and kangaroo toy, and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight!  It was amazing!  I love how he was rubbing my arm, making me feel wanted!  I’m so glad that there weren’t many people waiting outside!  I had my arm around his waist and made the most of this crazily amazing encounter!  I still feel disbelief, I cannot believe it!

Here’s a picture of Jay and I!

Me and Jay from The Wanted!

Rewind to the beginning of this ultimately productive day, as of almost three hours ago, as I am writing this post.

Thinking we wouldn’t be very long, I turned up at around eight to see The Wanted on Sunrise.  There weren’t many people there, so Amy and I stood at the corner waiting at the window.  There were older women waiting too (funny).  And after about half an hour, they came out!  They sat on six stools in the far corner with their guitarist Brian (whom I also got a photo with) and were playing around.  Most of the people around us were old women, they were just standing and watching, not really fangirling like myself.  Anyway, I was waving frantically every time they looked over and then finally, MAX WAVED BACK!!!  Max waved back to me!!  Oh he is so gorgeous!!

They continued on with the interview and performance (couldn’t really tell through the sound proof windows) and then Tom looked out into the window I was standing at and make a thumbs up (or gnarly) sign and so I waved back at him, AND THEN HE WAVED BACK AT ME TOO!!

And then afterwards (it’s all becoming a blur of amazingness right now) NATHAN WAVED AT US TOO!!!  Such gorgeous boys, actually, gorgeous men!!  Oh how I am fangirling in utter disbelief right now.

After the interview ended Amy and I tried to go to the car park exit, but it turned out that they weren’t leaving yet!  They were going to do the Morning Show as well!  So in between this point, we got photos with Koshi and were on television in the background waving!  We went to the State Library to alter our outfits and put out stuff into a locker.  Pretty devastated that I didn’t wear something nicer today, figuring I’d be studying most of the time (obviously not, as I am sitting here still euphoric in the State Library over The Wanted…).

We went back, went around to the other side and they came to the window and signed to the fans!  I recorded this.  Then Max pointed to the couch so we’d know, and I ran back to the other side and I got a front row view!!  I was right in the middle of the window with the clearest view you could get of the boys and the boys of me!!  It was amazing, I filmed the whole interview even though you couldn’t hear anything (the regret building up in me now), and I was also on television!!  So amazing!!  My vocabulary has gone down to an eleven year old girl’s!!  Oh my god.

They turned around and looked at the fans a few times during the interview (oh Max…).  And once the interview had finished, they came to the window and signed to the fans!!  Oh my gosh!!  Most major moment was when Max literally made eye contact with me and was like eye talking to me (I’m not exaggerating, I have a video, yes!!) and it was amazing!!  He pointed and smiled and looked at me in the eyes!!  We had a very amazing moment!!  It was incredible!!!!!  I have not been so close to celebrity, absolutely amazing!!!

Then afterwards, they came out to MEET the fans!!  And that’s when I got a photo and hugged and loved and spoke to Jay!!!  I love him so much, dear Jay, marry me?

And then, the sad ending to the story, we tried to wait and talk, hug, and get a photo with Siva, but he was talking to other fans.  Something I’ve learnt, I absolutely have to say something and get their attention first!  Because we were waiting for him to turn to us…  So then we went to Max instead, but, oh my gosh, so devastating, I didn’t get to get a photo with Max…  Saddest moment in my life, I can’t even describe it.  My heart was welling up, and my stomach dropped, I felt so sick…  Amy got a photo with Max though, oh my gosh, he looks like a little possum (a cute possum) with beautiful green eyes, he is so beautiful, fathomness fathomed.

Yeah so pretty embarrassing, they had to leave and get in their car, and I cried.  Yeah, I cried.  Well, that’s just life isn’t it.

What an emotional roller coaster, whilst writing this post, I have a mix of emotions…  Euphoria, melancholy, anxiety, excitement, depression…  That’s what you get for being a fangirl.

The Wanted!!!

Love from,
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  There was a super annoying ugly ass bitch who kept turning around and mumbling shit to herself whilst I was fangirling.  The question is, why the fuck are you here is you’re not going to get excited?  No you menopausal douche bag.

P.p.s.  Max lifted his shirt up revealing his delectable abs… Oh my god…  I swoon for this man.

Hot Tutor Guy

So there’s this guy, and I like to call him Hot Tutor Guy.  Why you ask?  Well, firstly, he’s hot.  Secondly, he’s a tutor.  And thirdly, what, you guessed it?!  That’s right, he’s a girl!  No, he’s a guy.  Thus, we have, Hot Tutor Guy.
Reasons why we belong together:
  1. He’s one gorgeous guy
  2. James Dean (need I explain anymore?  Well I’m not going to anyway).
  3. He, too, hasn’t played laser tag before (we would obviously go when we’re married).
  4. He spoke to me about my mac (and then we fell in love).
  5. He’s cute looking.

And the list goes on (into the future where we have little Eurasian babies).
Please do not think I am this obsessive girl who is crazy and is ultimately mental (though you must already think I am), but I mean seriously.  Think about it.  We shared, this, utmost, in depth, two minute conversation about, my computer.  Could there be anything more intimate than that?  I mean really, is there guys?  (Excluding sex and other intimate activities such as bowling and cycling).  We’re meant to be (quote Everybody Loves Raymond).
Down (yes) and out,
Just Another Woo Girl