I met Harry Styles in the most amazing dream…again

So I haven’t blogged in a while seeing as I’m extremely busy not studying for exams…  So today I had my first exam for anthropology, which as you know, I’ll probably have failed anyway, and did today.  And last night, I was up till around one am just…looking at really vague revision slides that the lecturer made for the last week.  Kinda helped and kinda didn’t, but turns out, I should give myself a bit more credit, some stuff I did listen to in tutorials did come in handy.  So with an early wake up call at 6:30am that I left till 7am (good job me) I feel asleep exhausted, and went to gain an eventful and blissfully euphoric six hours sleep…

And the dreaming begins…

Much alike any other dream I’ve had, this specific section was dreamt just before I woke up from a pressed bladder.  Anyway, rather than beginning with how amazing and overwhelmed I felt in my dream and when I woke up, I’ll try to begin by recounting this epic love story…

So I was in the shopping centre, not sure which one, and I was with a friend, also not sure who.  Actually I think it might’ve been my sister…  Anyway, we are in the middle of turning the corner to go down the escalator when from the corner of my eye, I see this curly haired cute boy with hipster glasses on.  I’m like, oh my god, is that who I think it is?  I look at him, and he looks back at me.  I look at him half quizzically and he turns back to whatever he’s doing and is trying to be inconspicuous.  I’m not quite sure, I think I say to my sister something like, “Oh my god, I think that’s Harry Styles over there…!!!”  It’s my last chance, as we turn and walk down I call out, “HARRY!!”  He turns and looks up at me!  It is him!!  It’s Harry Styles!!  His effortless bespectacled disguise cannot fool me!  My life flashes before my eyes (okay well this is just author exaggeration, it could’ve happened!).  He shoots me this look as if he’s saying, “Come now if you want to meet me!  Before everyone realises it’s me and crowds me…”, his eyebrows raised, eyes wide and neck jerked slightly forward.  So of course, I make my way hurriedly back to him!!

I’m somewhat swoop up to him and we embrace!  It’s warm and longing, and my arms loop under his arms, around the back of his chest, hugging him so tight!  (Wow, sorry, I feel really lame writing like a fanfiction, but to be fair, this is a real dream I had last night!)  I say something like, “I love you so much!  This is the most amazing moment of my life!!”  Something really cheesy like that, that he hears all the time.  But to be honest, I don’t think I even care.  I am euphoric, my heart is racing, it feels like it’s going to burst from my chest and I can’t stop smiling!!!

I had always thought about what I would say if I met Harry, and the others boys too, trying to think of something memorable, cool and interesting!  But then I realise, that the only reason why I’d want to say something like that is so I can spark up some sort of friendship, when in reality, it will never happen.  But then I tell myself again, you have to believe if you want to achieve!  Be positive and optimistic!  (Or it could be contrarily construed as naive and wishful).

Anyway, back to the dream!  In my dream, Harry was wearing a thin white tee with some sort of black calligraphic drawing on it…so loose yet form fitting, caressing his sexy body.  (Ultimate fanfiction moment).  He says something back to me like, “I love you too.”  I don’t know, I don’t remember what he said to me in my dream, but I’m going to make myself believe it was something as amazing as that and that it really did happen (in my dream I mean, I suppose I could also be delusional and make myself believe it happened in real life, but that’s just crazy).
I’m not sure what even happens, but then some people he knows or I know, or maybe even randoms come up to us (while we’re having an intimate moment) and basically I end up taking a few pictures of Harry and some fans or friends.  I’m handing him his phone or something and we’re standing close…and then I wake up.

Oh lord, when I woke up, it was 6:18am.  I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt!  The dream was so amazing, and incredible, and fabulously intimate I felt as though my heart would burst out of love!  Yet at the same time, I felt so incredibly sad that this may never happen, and I will never even get to experience this utterly epic sensation, it’s unforgettable…  So basically, an overwhelming overload of euphoria and melancholy, as I have described many dreams and moments before…  Oh life.  What a hand you’ve dealt me.  What an amazing dream.  I wonder what will happen the next time I dream about Harry…just wondering makes me smile.

All my love,
Just Another Woo Girl

Ed Sheeran in my dreams

This morning I had the pleasure of waking up feeling fresh and ready at the bright and early hour of 7am!  Instead, I went back to sleep and had yet another turbulent dream that always seems to happen when I oversleep…  And this time, it was about Ed Sheeran.  My love, my life, my only.

Ed has appeared in my dreams many a time actually, and once, we had coitus (lol).  Anyway, this time, was simply amazing.  I was at a concert of his.  I think it was exclusive or something because there weren’t many people there, maybe like two to three rows deep of people.  I was there with my uni friends, having an amazing time being so close to the sexy and amazing Ed!  I loved every minute of the actual concert I went to, and enjoyed it all the more in my dream.

But then something happened, and my uni friends had to leave for some emergency.  It was night time, I selfishly decided to stay and watch Ed.  Selfishly, because I think it was some sort of emergency, and I remember distinctly in my dream feeling guilty but then going back anyway.  So they left.  The exit to the concert hall was a shopping centre.

I walked back in, happily, and was approaching close to the stage and then Ed reaches his hand out to me and I grab it and he PULLS ME ONTO THE STAGE WITH HIM!  AHHHH FANGIRL ALL THE WAY SERIOUSLY IT WAS CRAZY IN MY DREAM!!! My heart is pounding, racing, and I can feel the smile from all the way inside my stomach, it was pure euphoria!!  I thought he was going to ask me to sing along with him for one of his songs, which would’ve been perfect, because then he’d realise I could actually sing which apparently is rare at a concert*.  That could be me!  In my mind, which was racing, I was imagining Ed being my mentor, and loving him for my eternal life.  He handed me a mic, and I was so excited to sing for him, then, he asks me to rap.

Rap?!  He starts playing a rap song, I’m not sure if it’s his, and I don’t know it!  I’m so embarrassed that he’s pulled me up on stage, as one of his biggest fans and I didn’t know the words to this rap!  Anyway, I start rapping, fumbling around for words I don’t know, and Ed’s next to me, encouraging me!  And then he takes me back off stage into the mosh pit.

Anyway, the concerts over now.  I go outside to see if I can meet my friends, I call one of them, and ask them where they are, but they’ve already left.  They’d caught a bus home…  So I go to our locker, and sure enough, everything is gone.  I think my bag is gone as well, but I don’t know, I wasn’t that worried, or I mightn’t even had had a bag…  So I go back inside.  Everyone’s walking out, and Ed’s walking around the theatre seating meeting the fans, but they’re all gone.  Yeah, somehow the seating changed from mosh, to red velvety theatre seats.

I go up to him and say, “Hi Ed!  You were amazing!  Can I get a picture with you?”  Ecstatically, we hug and I turn around in one swift motion and pass my phone to this guy with red hair, and he takes a picture for us!  I have my arms around Ed’s shoulders and his arm is around my waist, and it’s the most amazing moment ever!!  We are really friendly, I don’t run out of things to say, it’s all smooth and great!  I feel like I may have kissed him on the cheek it was so amazing.  Then we hug again, but this time super tightly, like swaying side to side, and being all besties!  But then I think I take the hug too far and we basically fall over the chairs (as you know theatre seats are super steep) all the way down to the bottom, with me landing on top of him, we’re still hugging.  This is not in the romantic way that you think.  It was so awkward!  Because I was the one who started making the hug really strong and swaying a lot!  Anyway, his face is kinda like saying, this is awkward, and what the fuck.  So I say goodbye, and I love you and all that, you’re amazing, etc.  And he smiles and says good bye as well, and I walk off, in euphoria!  Forget about the awkward moment where I tackle him, I JUST MET ED AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!  The conversation was amazing, he was amazing, there was definitely an awesome connection.

I feel like I would’ve given him my twitter, but I don’t know.  It was the perfect experience meeting one of your favourite singers!  Everything I’d dreamed it would be!!  Ed is so incredible!  I love him so much.  And this was the best Ed dream yet!  It was way more intense than the sex one!

Sweet dreams!

Just Another Woo Girl

*I watched this video on youtube of Michael Buble getting a birthday boy to come on stage to sing with him, and he was like crazy surprised that the boy could sing!

Les Mis, a cinematic and musical experience of a life time

This was the best musical movie experience of my life, it is so amazing, I cried when Fontine died, but the tears were non-stop when Eponine was shot and she and Marius sang A Little Fall of Rain and all the way until Jean died.  So sad, so emotional, so beautiful.

The cinematography was amazing!  There was this recurring motif where they were at the barricades and Enjolras was holding up the red flag, I swear it’s a reference to the artwork Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix!

I can’t find a good picture of the actual movie and the scene I’m talking about but if you’ve seen the movie you’ll totally know what I’m talking about!

Aside from that, I love musicals so much and I love the films as well, and I have to say this was even better than The Phantom of the Opera film with Gerard and Emily Rossum, this was so epic and beautiful I have no words, only plain and generic ones like awesome, amazing, chilling, heart wrenching, and strings out empathy!!

Amazing performance by all the cast!!  Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks!!!  And also Russel Crowe.  Samantha Barks was in the broadway production as well!!  She played Eponine and at one point along side Nick Jonas who played Marius.  Eddie is an amazing singer and a gorgeous Marius!!  Whilst watching the movie I couldn’t get over how beautiful Amanda Seyfried is, she is amazing!  Not to mention, her voice is beautiful, flawless, and has an amazing bell-like tone with a frivolous range, as in, she gets around with all the notes!

When I first saw the trailer and heard the singing I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe it could be more singing and less pained, but when watching the movie it was perfect and really expressed their emotions, experiences and present state fantastically!  I Dreamed A Dream, A Little Fall of Rain, On My Own, and the Confrontation, in fact all the songs and melodic motifs were amazing and I love the film and the musical so much!!


It’s amazing how they all sang live on the film, it’s amazing, and such hard work, but gives such a sense of realism to it, like in the beginning scenes with Hugh singing and pulling the ship, where the water was actually freezing!  And also when Sacha Baren Cohen had to sing whilst being carried by all four limbs…


Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  It’s kind of awkward bawling your eyes out in the cinema, and I was on the verge of heaving and spluttering but I refrained because of the silence and the emotional part of the film, which made me kind of feel as if I was trapped in my emotion as I couldn’t let it all out loudly…

Best dream ever

Last night I had the best dream ever.  I wrote out bits of it when I woke up, and when I had woken, I was in an incredibly emotional state.  You know those dreams, where so much happens, and you feel so connected and it feels so real, you wake up and your chest is beating and your breath is short?  Well that’s what happened to me when I had dreamt I’d met One Direction and The Wanted.

Oh gosh, well I actually didn’t get to meet The Wanted in my dream.  Which may be because I have already met them in real life (oh my god).  And so it begins, well the parts that I remember, I am walking out of this building.  For some reason, the setting is similar to that of my local shopping centre, and where my tutoring building is, but I didn’t realise this in my dream, and a lot of things about it were different.  Anyway, so I’m walking down the stairs to leave the building, and I know, because I saw and heard them, that One Direction are walking down the stairs behind me.  And being the normal person I am, I play it cool, and continue to walk down.

I leave the building and turn my head back slightly, just to peek, and they are walking a different direction, possibly, so I turn and walk that way.  I turn around for some reason to meet them, maybe they’d said something.  But it was the most amazing moment in my dream history ever.  Harry walks up to me to have a hug, but instead of aiming his arms over my own, because that’s the friend hug, he aims them around my waist!  Yeah, best moment of my life.  Harry Styles.  And then I hug the rest of the boys, and they are so sweet.  It’s all a blur really.  I have this thing, and I suppose all fangirls do, is that I really like to take photos when I meet celebrities (not that I often meet them, sadly), just to have a memory and something tangible to look at, rather than a memory that becomes faded and moulded over time.  Though, the thing with taking pictures is that, I think, it’s so hard to do.  I mean, you have to meet them, say hi, and then ask for a picture, and the picture has to be good, and so on.  But I just love pictures because they truly capture memories and feelings, likewise with music.  I love the feeling of listening to a song, and having it take you on a journey back in time, feeling the same feelings that you had felt listening to that very same song four years ago.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, the great feeling that I had in this dream was, I didn’t need to take photos!  There were cameras all around us taking the pictures of this amazing moment for me!  Five boys, five hugs, amazing.  Though, it still was a dream.

Time past, somehow, somewhere, and I ended up in the car park.  I may or may not have ridden the elevator with One Direction, not sure.  And we were no longer in the setting of my current local Westfield, but back to Westfield Marion in Adelaide, where I had lived when I was young.  I’m in the car park, it’s dark, as usual, but the ceilings are high, which is kind of unusual for a car park, and there are sterile fluorescent lights above, but it wasn’t so bright that it was cold and bleak, it was slightly dim but I could still see everything clearly.

And then, I saw Jay in the car!  It was a four wheel drive kind of car, and he was sitting in the back, with maybe other people, like management, but I don’t remember the rest of the band in there.  I saw him, and he saw me, and then I got in the car and we drove down the sunset road.  Kidding.  This is the part where, I tell you what happened, instead.  I saw him, and he saw me, as I said, and being excited, I wanted to meet him!  But I had to walk around the car and other cars, for some off reason, to make it to his car door.  Even though, I was looking at him directly through the front window, so technically I could’ve just walked straight toward him…  Anyway, so I walk around, and he’s gone!  He’s not in the car anymore!  He is crouching just outside the car door, ducking.  Trying to run away.  (Wow, I really don’t like this image of Jay running away from me, but I suppose it’s funny, because I’m crazy – I’m actually not crazy.  I wasn’t even crazy when I met him.)  Yeah, so he was trying to hide so he wouldn’t have to hug me!  So sad, even though he has hugged me in real life (win).

So then he says, something along the lines of, “I didn’t want to hug you because I ate onions so my breath stinks.”

And then I went on to say, “I hate The Wanted!!  And I hate you!!!”

Yes, as you can see, I was extremely passionate in my retelling of the story, though in the dream, I was extremely passionate and extremely emotional.

I turned back and got into the elevator (I walked straight, yes straight to the elevator, meaning I didn’t even need to walk around).  And started ranting to someone in the elevator, and crying, not sure who it was though…  And that’s most evidently why I woke up in such a wretched, breathless state.  Crying in dreams makes you really emotional.  Actually, I ended up waking up, and crying in real life.  Pathetic.

So is it because I’d already met The Wanted in real life, that I didn’t get to meet them in my dream? In order to not be greedy?  Does that mean I won’t meet them ever again?  My dreams of befriending Jay, especially, may have been crushed…  Actually, Jay said in an interview that he would date a girl who used to be a big fan of The Wanted, so I guess that could be me, three years time…

What’s the point in that?
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  I wish I could be one of those people who could control their dreams.  Maybe I’ll try it tonight.  But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to…

Meeting The Wanted: Euphoria and melancholy

So between my last exam and the next I have a break of six days, in which to study, prepare, and make notes for the last few of my exams.  Today is the first day of this long awaited honeymoon break from assessments, and so far, I believe, I have been most productive.

I.  Just.  Met.  The Wanted.

Well, I suppose I didn’t exactly meet all of them, but I met Jay!  And got close to Siva and Max!  I’ll tell you about our connections, after I rave about the Jay and I’s intimate moment.

So please, brace yourselves for the ultimate fangirl moment.

And he is simply the most adorable guy ever!  His hair is all curly and cute, he was wearing this blue denim shirt over a white singlet, so gorgeous!  I think I have a thing for guys with good mops of hair, Harry Styles…  Hot Trinity Guy… I got to hug him and he said, “I like your jumper!”  You like my jumper you say?  Well I love you!  Sadly, just before the boys came out to meet fans my iPod ran out of battery, this was probably the most devastating moment in my adolescent life.  Just, the very moment they come out, I go to turn on my camera, and the screen, lies blank.  I basically had an anxiety breakdown, luckily Amy had her phone.  And then I got a photo with Jay!  He is so sweet, he was holding all his gifts, a bag of skittles, a kangaroo scrotum, and kangaroo toy, and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight!  It was amazing!  I love how he was rubbing my arm, making me feel wanted!  I’m so glad that there weren’t many people waiting outside!  I had my arm around his waist and made the most of this crazily amazing encounter!  I still feel disbelief, I cannot believe it!

Here’s a picture of Jay and I!

Me and Jay from The Wanted!

Rewind to the beginning of this ultimately productive day, as of almost three hours ago, as I am writing this post.

Thinking we wouldn’t be very long, I turned up at around eight to see The Wanted on Sunrise.  There weren’t many people there, so Amy and I stood at the corner waiting at the window.  There were older women waiting too (funny).  And after about half an hour, they came out!  They sat on six stools in the far corner with their guitarist Brian (whom I also got a photo with) and were playing around.  Most of the people around us were old women, they were just standing and watching, not really fangirling like myself.  Anyway, I was waving frantically every time they looked over and then finally, MAX WAVED BACK!!!  Max waved back to me!!  Oh he is so gorgeous!!

They continued on with the interview and performance (couldn’t really tell through the sound proof windows) and then Tom looked out into the window I was standing at and make a thumbs up (or gnarly) sign and so I waved back at him, AND THEN HE WAVED BACK AT ME TOO!!

And then afterwards (it’s all becoming a blur of amazingness right now) NATHAN WAVED AT US TOO!!!  Such gorgeous boys, actually, gorgeous men!!  Oh how I am fangirling in utter disbelief right now.

After the interview ended Amy and I tried to go to the car park exit, but it turned out that they weren’t leaving yet!  They were going to do the Morning Show as well!  So in between this point, we got photos with Koshi and were on television in the background waving!  We went to the State Library to alter our outfits and put out stuff into a locker.  Pretty devastated that I didn’t wear something nicer today, figuring I’d be studying most of the time (obviously not, as I am sitting here still euphoric in the State Library over The Wanted…).

We went back, went around to the other side and they came to the window and signed to the fans!  I recorded this.  Then Max pointed to the couch so we’d know, and I ran back to the other side and I got a front row view!!  I was right in the middle of the window with the clearest view you could get of the boys and the boys of me!!  It was amazing, I filmed the whole interview even though you couldn’t hear anything (the regret building up in me now), and I was also on television!!  So amazing!!  My vocabulary has gone down to an eleven year old girl’s!!  Oh my god.

They turned around and looked at the fans a few times during the interview (oh Max…).  And once the interview had finished, they came to the window and signed to the fans!!  Oh my gosh!!  Most major moment was when Max literally made eye contact with me and was like eye talking to me (I’m not exaggerating, I have a video, yes!!) and it was amazing!!  He pointed and smiled and looked at me in the eyes!!  We had a very amazing moment!!  It was incredible!!!!!  I have not been so close to celebrity, absolutely amazing!!!

Then afterwards, they came out to MEET the fans!!  And that’s when I got a photo and hugged and loved and spoke to Jay!!!  I love him so much, dear Jay, marry me?

And then, the sad ending to the story, we tried to wait and talk, hug, and get a photo with Siva, but he was talking to other fans.  Something I’ve learnt, I absolutely have to say something and get their attention first!  Because we were waiting for him to turn to us…  So then we went to Max instead, but, oh my gosh, so devastating, I didn’t get to get a photo with Max…  Saddest moment in my life, I can’t even describe it.  My heart was welling up, and my stomach dropped, I felt so sick…  Amy got a photo with Max though, oh my gosh, he looks like a little possum (a cute possum) with beautiful green eyes, he is so beautiful, fathomness fathomed.

Yeah so pretty embarrassing, they had to leave and get in their car, and I cried.  Yeah, I cried.  Well, that’s just life isn’t it.

What an emotional roller coaster, whilst writing this post, I have a mix of emotions…  Euphoria, melancholy, anxiety, excitement, depression…  That’s what you get for being a fangirl.

The Wanted!!!

Love from,
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  There was a super annoying ugly ass bitch who kept turning around and mumbling shit to herself whilst I was fangirling.  The question is, why the fuck are you here is you’re not going to get excited?  No you menopausal douche bag.

P.p.s.  Max lifted his shirt up revealing his delectable abs… Oh my god…  I swoon for this man.