I am never painting my nails during the day ever again

So just wanted to let you all know that I am never painting my nails ever again during the day.  Ever.  Usually I do my nails at night before bed because otherwise it hinders me from doing other things during the day, but then my room always smells of poison during the night, not that I really notice…  But for some reason, some stupid reason, I decided to paint my nails in the middle of the day.  Well the reason is procrastination (not that it can really even count as a reason).  So instead of writing my essays, I sat and watched spongebob on my computer whilst doing my nails.  
For some reason there’s this massive hype right now, I keep seeing memes about it, of how cool and awesome Spongebob is as a cartoon, and that it should be for adults.  I love how when you watch old children’s shows as an older person-
Oh my god stop right there.  I am an adult.  I am eighteen.  I am an adult.  Holy crap!  This is so weird!!!!!!!  This is the first time I’ve thought of or called myself an adult!!!  Well I actually didn’t call myself one because as I was thinking and typing it in my head it didn’t sound right…  I usually refer or categorise myself as a teenager, because I still am a teenager…  Wow!  I’m an adult!  Not sure whether when I turn nineteen next year that I’ll call myself an adult or still a teenager.  Maybe save adult for when I’m twenty.
Anyway, when you watch kids shows when you’re older there are so many things you don’t pick up on that you do now, like sexual innuendo.  It really makes me think what the writers are thinking when they write stuff like that…  Is it apart of how you make a children’s show?  You have to put sexual things in that they won’t get as some sort of underlying meaning and when they’re older they feel comfortable with sex?  I don’t know.  Well I thought Spongebob had some…  I watched the first few episodes a few weeks ago and didn’t think it lived up to it’s hype.  But now, after a few episodes in I feel like it’s heaps better!  I really like it.  Was never that into Spongebob when I was little anyway.
It’s kind of weird thinking that Spongebob is old, but he is so cute!  He acts like a little kid in the show.  But then Squid-ward is actually like an old man, older man…  So there’s this weird uncle-child relationship…  I don’t know.  Pearl is just weird.  Creeps me out.
So yeah basically painting my nails in the middle of the day has basically made my entire day revolve around painting my nails.  They don’t dry quickly since I’m not using OPI and so I have to be careful.  Then I think they’ve dried, literally six hours later, but they haven’t.  I accidentally scratch like a hole in the middle and have to fill it.  Then I’m in the shower and it moves off the nail and feels like rubber.  And now I’ve had to remove two of my nail polished nails and redo before I sleep because obviously, that is the optimal time.  
There’s literally nothing to eat at home.  I saw Maxim icecreams in the freezer every time I opened the fridge but wanted to save it for later.  I was nagging my mum that I wanted icecream and I suppose she or my family friends mum bought it.  And then tonight, I was like, now’s the time, the perfect time, there is no other time before until this time, to eat chocolate coated vanilla ice-cream!  I was so excited.  And then, to my complete horror, it was gone.  All gone.  The box is gone.  Just an empty space left behind.  Fml.  Now I’m eating some seaweed crackers, fuck.
Just Another Woo Girl

Lunch date at Moo Burgers!

Yesterday I kind of, most probably, had the best Moo Burger experience of my life!  Seriously delicious and I hope you all drool with envy over this feast…  So many FEELS!
ImageYummy and delicious Moo burgers!  From top left: Cheese Moo, bucket of onion rings, haloumi burger, and my own Big Moo!  Plus strawberry milkshake and Fanta, with the cutest cow print straws!
Close up of my Big Moo!  Egg, beef patty, extra pineapple!, beetroot, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce, cabbage? and home-made mayo!  Seriously, I wish that was in my mouth right now…!!
ImageThe Aftermath: my friend top left was annihilated. 
Well hope you enjoyed this lunch series, because, fuck, I wish that was me again, everyday…
Strive for food excellence,
Just Another Woo Girl
P.s. This was at Moo Burgers Newtown!  They also have restaurants in Coogee, which I always go to when I’m at the beach!  And other places, I think Manly, Bondi…

You know that feeling when you’ve had one too many…

You know that feeling when you’ve had one too many drinks?  I feel the exact same way, except with food.  Fuck I just want to vomit right now.  Oh wait, I feel a bit better.  Yeah I ate dinner and was satisfied.  Then I studied a bit and ate oats with choc chips, and then, I had one thing too many when I ate a plum.  I can feel it high up in my stomach, churning, vom vom vom.

Not sure whether to hand in another assignment late, it’s 2 marks off everyday, and if my calculations are correct, it’s 0.3% off my mark.  The assignment’s only worth 15%.  Though, it’s easy, just a little bit time consuming.  It’s due in less than 2 hours, I’m thinking fuck it.  But then I’m scared the online submission thing might be deactivated and then how do I hand it in?  I asked my tutor, she was kind of pissed and basically just told me to not let it happen and hand it in at last 2 hours before 10, which is now.  I didn’t tell her I hadn’t started yet, and by that haven’t finished (now) reading my main article, and haven’t found the other 3 articles let alone read them to write a review…

My tongue is raw from eating mentos.  I ate them wrong, I sucked on them and them chewed them.  I ate like 5 on the train.  And now my tongue hurts.  Fun times.  Blurgh.

I’ve got three lectures tomorrow, I feel like I need to go to them, except if I don’t do a substantial amount of the assignment tonight, there’s no way I’ll finish it by tomorrow.  I mean tomorrow is an hour longer than today, and I still haven’t done anything.

Weird thing happened today, I was walking to the station from uni, and this random guy comes up to me and tells me I’m pretty, and keeps talking to me.  I was going to get a pide and walk to the station (which turned out to be a fail since eating greasy pide while walking is crazy and embarrassing).  Anyway, what makes it even weirder is that I was talking to him, and asking him questions out of politeness.  I find this even weirder than a random coming up to me because of the context.  I had my earphones in dude.  Earphones means I’m out of this world.  If it was in a club, it wouldn’t be as weird because that’s what people generally do there.  But it was weird.  Weird as fuck.

I wonder how old I look at uni.  I’m pretty sure I look like a fresher.  I’d say it’s because of what I wear, but I’m also pretty sure that it’s a whole lot of how I act.  I see some people at uni just having a tonne of fun in between classes or what not.  And I’m just walking from class to class with a neutral or slightly cold look on my face.  I wonder if I look 20…  I wear a backpack…  I really want to be amidst uni life, like in high school, but uni me really isn’t that capable I suppose.  Friends are trying out for executive positions in societies, and I realised that that’s how people become president of societies…  First year representatives and what not, at arts camp I realised I am definitely not first year representative material.  I thought I was sociable, but I guess I’m not so much.  Sometimes I think I am, but then sometimes I’m not.  Maybe it’s dependent on the situation, how I’m feeling, and the rarity of the context.  Meh, who even cares.

So I suppose I’m handing in this assignment late.  This is not good.  I mean, I told myself last time, that that was the last time.  And now it’s the second time.  I feel like the ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,’ is applicable here, even though it’s myself I’m fooling; which is probably a different thing all together with it’s own saying that I can’t really be bothered to figure out right now.

My lip is kind of itchy.  I was going to say so itchy, but it really isn’t so itchy.  But the more I think about it, it’s beginning to be so itchy.

I was thinking about my philosophy essay, I asked my tutor when’s the latest he’d be able to look at my outline, and I think he said maybe three days before the due date, which I think is next Monday or Tuesday…  Cos he’s got a thesis himself to write.  And I thought to myself at the time, that’s easy!  I’ll definitely be able to hand it in then, even probably this Friday!  But now I realise, since I’m late with my current assignment, I’ll hand that in tomorrow at like 9pm.  Give myself a ‘break’, and start the essay on Friday.  But the thing is I haven’t done the readings, so that’ll take me at least a day or two.  So the latest, or earliest, I’ll be able to send him an outline is Monday, which is his recommended day, which leaves me only three days to write it!  Not to mention, planning the fucking essay takes a while as well with all that fucking armchair thinking.  Sigh pie.

I’ve had an epiphany!  I’ll ramble about my moral opinions about the question here on my blog!!  That’ll help me heaps!  The question I think I’m doing is something like, is it okay to lie to someone about your religion to get in their pants because it’s a one night stand?  Something like that…

Just Another Woo Girl

I really hope I can still submit my assignment online after the due date…!

Christmas, another year gone

It feels like so long since it was last Christmas!  I just opened my presents, yes at night, and I felt kind of nostalgic towards the Christmas wrapping.  It’s so classic, I love Christmas time!  In America, it was just amazing, all the streets were decorated with wreaths and baubles, every store was playing Christmas music, not just the cheesy stuff, but the smooth sounds of Buble, oh how he is so smooth.

Not sadly, but, I only got to unwrap two presents this year, one was chocolate and one was money.  The rest were in red envelopes or cards, not that that’s any problem…  I love unwrapping things, I might even start collecting the wrapping paper just for memories sake since it’s so sparse now.  We used to end up with heaps but now, just the two.

Anyway, I am going to try and save all the money I’ve received, and will receive for my birthday in a few weeks, and Chinese New Year in a few more.  I literally get so much money during this time of year it’s crazy.  I want to spend it on something special, like One Direction merchandise, or a chance to meet them, or something crazy fine.

It’s sad to see the Christmas season leave again for another year, I love Christmas music so much, it’s so full of cheer and feeling!  But I don’t want to be like the town of Post, it’s kind of creepy to play seasonal music when it’s not the season…

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  Best Christmas feast this year!  So much food, and also, we celebrated my Granda’s 82nd birthday which is happening in a few days with a delicious mango cake like no other I’ve ever tasted!  It was majority mango and cream!  It was sponge with the top edges covered in thick layers of cream, and cream at the bottom edges, and inside a massive crevice filled diced mango and cream, and the entire cake covered in slices of fresh mango!!  Best cake.

Hunger on Christmas Eve

Quick post here.  I don’t know what to do.  Today I went to the gym, and as the lazy person I am, who hadn’t been to the gym for more then a week since becoming a member, I now reside back at home energy-less.  I am so hungry.

It’s Christmas Eve.  This year, we’re having a Christmas Day dinner instead of the usual Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.  So tonight, I have already finished eating dinner.  My dinner comprised of some salad, three pieces of sushi, some cherries, and a slice of mud cake with a dollop of cookies and cream ice cream.  Well, now that I’ve described it like that it sounds like I’ve eaten quite a bit, but the problem is, I’m still fucking hungry!!  No meat tonight seriously?!  Now that I’m working out (lol) I need sustenance and protein!  Not just fruit and leaves!!!!!!!

Far out man.  And there’s nothing I can do.  I can’t walk down the street and get some fried fish, so not in the mood.  Can’t stuff myself with junk food, not only because I’ve turned over a new leaf and am discovering a ‘healthy’ lifestyle (forget the ice-cream and cake), but because we don’t even have junk food!!!  No chips, no biscuits, no lollies!!  Well only the cake…but I’ve already had some.

I’m just going to have to face the reality that tonight, I will have to starve until tomorrow morning, and more realistically, tomorrow night, when dinner is served.

On top of my hunger, I’m breaking out!  Around my mouth, on my cheeks, the unusual places for acne to appear.  I’m using a new ‘organic’ face wash, and I’m not sure whether it’s making me break out, or this is the first stage where the cleanser is bringing up the oils trapped underneath.  What to do?!

I wish I could drive.  I’d drive to the shopping centre and get a whopper from Hungry Jacks.  So yum.

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  I just wrote the title of the post, and now I realise, this is completely a first world problem, and there is a freaking Christmas song about starvation in Africa, it’s called Do They Know It’s Christmas? for BandAid.  Such a great song.  I love the Glee version.

Great Spring Day

Great Summers day today!  Even though it’s Spring…  I only had two periods of class today, went to Coogee Beach at 11:30, stayed until around five.  Tanning was semi-successful on scale of pasty to gradient me.  Trivia night was so much fun!  Our team started on a high with our foreshadowing name, “INIT2WINIT” coined by some may say a genius.  Though we ended up going home with nothing, except our moral integrity.  Which, is debatable to whether we achieved even that.  A glum moment but still much fun!  Crappy questions though.  Not even a question about One Direction.  What is this?  Enjoying beach hair, chilling in my glasses, my new found comfort piece.  Oh, almost forgot, had the best burger I’ve ever eaten at Moo in Coogee today.  I got the Classic Beef Burger with extra pineapple, and also had a Coca-cola spider with vanilla ice-cream!  Simply delish!  Here’s a pic.

If you’re craving an excellent burger, then you should go to Moo.  There are heaps of other burger too like the Greek Lamb Burger, the Chorizo Burger and yummy milkshakes like the Malteaser Shake.  Yet to try them…

Just Another Woo Girl

Am I tired or is there something medically wrong with me?

I can’t tell whether I’m tired because I need to eat something, or if I didn’t get enough sleep, or if it’s because I’m sad.  Sad for no reason really, is this what postmenstrual syndrome is?  Is that what is destined for me in the next week?  Not sure when I last had my period, but it was pretty recent I think.  Too much information?  Well that’s just too bad.
Reasons why it can’t be sleep.  Far out, I’m listening to my iPod and Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran sounds like Skinny Love by Birdy in the beginning, which is a depressing song.  Is it actually good to listen to depressing and emotion evoking music when you’re half down?  Well I don’t really care because I can’t be bothered to change it.  Actually I will change it.  Justin Bieber’s Fall, yay.
Anyway, I don’t think it can be sleep because I get so much sleep every night it’s a bit over the top and may be the reason why I sometimes wake up doubly tired as when I go to sleep.  Mainly because I sleep even when I’m not tired.  I’ve being playing this game called Flow on my iPod every day just because I’m so awesome at it.  And I’ve gotten perfect scores for all of them, and I’m up to the Jumbo Pack or something with 10 by 10 or something for iPads.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten healthily.  I haven’t blogged about this, but after meeting Jay from The Wanted I decided to become a vegetarian, because he is.  Yes, I know what you’re all thinking, that’s so stupid, that’s so crazy, what a weirdo.  Whatever.  Now, I like eating meat, especially lamb, and the octopus in takoyaki, and generally, I enjoy fast foods sometimes because they’re exactly that, fast.  And on Saturday, I was at the UNSW Open Day and we went to McDonald’s for lunch because it was close or something.  I’d watched an interview where Jay had said that McDonald’s had pretty good options for vegetarians.  I thought, yes, they do have salads and things, but I’d have to go to Maccas in order to truly witness the craft of vegetarian options.  He’d also said that KFC sucked in this respect.  It wasn’t until I actually went to Maccas and was moderately hungry that I realised that it sucked being vegetarian.  Look, I don’t even like vegetables, I eat them if they are yummy in some delicious dish, but I wouldn’t think, oh gosh, I’m starving, I just want to eat some cauliflower, and drool.  Tofu?  No.  Well maybe, I’ve been eating a lot recently…  Being pescetarian is actually a fifth better that being vego.  I’m not eating a salad from Maccas, that is so stupid.  My friend was like, oh, why don’t you have a fish-o-fillet.  And I was like, no, I’m vegetarian.  Plus, I don’t want to become pescetarian or a normal meat eating person again through McDonald’s…  So I had fries and an apple pie.  Pretty lame.
Anyway, now I’m thinking it may be because I have some medical condition.  Living with a nurse and a doctor you’d think that I’d be peaking in health and have zilch medical problems.  Another thing, I don’t like needles.  My dad sometimes brings home flu shots and things and administers them for me, one time I ran away and locked myself in the bathroom and cried or something.  Sadly, I wasn’t a five year old, but I’m pretty sure this occurred in high school.  It’s pretty interesting how I can estimate which time in my life certain events have occurred by having the memory play in my mind in a specific setting, and the setting of this, was the house I’m currently living in which I moved into when I was around twelve, almost thirteen.
My mum made me have a blood test for diabetes, because she thought I had diabetes, and possibly an iron deficiency.  Anyway, I had to go take a blood test, and did you know, that they have to take an entire vile of blood for every test you want to have?  Yes?  Well I didn’t know that.  Two viles of my own blood sat in a beige plastic container in front of me whilst the blood drained from my apparently tiny veins.  Which is why I bruised after that, that was the first, and last time, which I’d taken a blood test.  A bit of pussy, I know, maybe a lot.
So I don’t think I’m getting enough protein, or any at all, and I think that’s bad. 
Food is on my mind…

Just Another Woo Girl

Parents and their stubbornness

Parents and their stubbornness.  Are your parents stubborn?  Do they make ultimately invalid arguments in which they repeat the same thing over and over again?  No you say?  Well lucky you.  You must be the only one.  Oh, what’s that you say?  That’s just what parents do?  Well, be that as it may, it’s stupid and it sucks.  Balls.
So there’s I, just a daughter in a four person family.  Sometimes I consider myself to be majority of the time, an only child (sorry sister).  My sister, is basically ten years older than I (yes I) and has been living away from home since she was a young person.  What I mean to say is, I am a typical adolescent girl.  Hormones are probably raging (how would I know really, I haven’t known anything different, have I?  So this is just assumed).  Stresses piling up from the HSC (it’s the Higher School Certificate, I think it’s like the A levels in the UK and whatever, SATs in the US).  I got mixed messages about the HSC, some people said it was fine, others said it was the most stressful time of their teenage lives.  Well I have to say, coming up to the trials, and the end, all the work that I hadn’t done had (inevitably) caught up with me.  So what I mean to say is, stress, food, and lack of exercise, oh and of course, my raging hormones, I have acquired a party of acne on my forehead.
I will admit, it is not as bad as, obviously, the worse cases of acne, but it’s still there! 
And it’s silly, I ask my parents, “Can I see a dermatologist?  I want to see a dermatologist.” 
And they reply, “No, your pimples aren’t bad enough.” 
I reply, “Well I don’t want to wait until they are bad enough.”
And they reply, “It takes a three month waiting period.”
“I hear its two.”
“Well it still takes a long time.”
“Then book it now and I’ll see one in three months.”
And after that mundane recreation of events, you can repeat the last two lines alternatively over and over again.  Stubbornness, exemplified. 
What is this logic?!  Is it because they are parents they are allowed to do whatever they want?!  I mean, at least give me a valid reason.  I can’t even think of one, probably because my mind doesn’t want to work against me! 
They gave me no choice, I had to drop the bomb (please do not I am not that much of a tyrannical child, the next part occurs months after, the previous parts happen repeatedly on a three week basis).
Yeah that’s right, do you not care about your youngest daughter who in less than a year will be eighteen, and will become this awesome adult who is completely independent and did I mention awesome? 
And here is the abrupt ending to this post which has droned on far too long.
Just Another Woo Girl